The Ride BMX annual photo issue is here, bringing you the best of the best BMX photography including more than 30 pages of amazing images and a black and white turned color photo essay from a Subrosa trip in South America. Read on to see the complete contents of our March 2009 issue and if you aren’t a subscriber, pick up a copy on February 17th.

On The Cover: Rich Hirsch colored in Columbia. Photo by Mulligan


First Words
Ride’s Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan gives a bit of insight about using colored pencils for the issue’s main feature and cover.

There is more than a trick, an angle, and lighting that goes into any given photo and Fudger gets a bit deep and sentimental when explaining his point of view on the subject using a simple nose manual photo as an example.

Up Front
Since a new year hit while this issue was being created, there were a ton of sponsor changes, additions, and shake-ups and we touch base on just about all of them in the Sponsor Block. Also in Up Front are the usuals—Disabled List and Fine Print—sure you may have heard of some of this stuff on the Internet already, but years from now you’ll thank us for keeping this information archived in print.

Pro Q & A – Cameron Wood
Every time we ask our readers on to submit questions to the pros they come through with flying colors. Cameron Wood gave his “A”s to your “Q”s about everything from video parts to 360-ing to flat, to politics.

Frames, cranks, pegs, hubs, stems, forks, pedals, completes, and more… Our readers love new products so we keep dishing them out. Just don’t e-mail to ask us if you can buy them—we don’t sell ’em, we just show ’em.

Soft Goods
You know, the other products you buy that aren’t for your bike. Look good and feel good in clothes made by the companies in BMX that you love. Lay off the Old Navy and cheap mall slogan T-shirts and pick up some goods that really say something about who you are and what you support.

The Shadow Conspiracy, Kink, S&M, Micreation, and Props all have new videos so if you can’t shell out the cash for all of them, read our reviews to help make your purchase decision easier.

Pro Shop – Kore Bikes in Tempe, Arizona
The Greater Phoenix Area in Arizona has an amazing BMX scene and shops like Ryan Cowling’s Kore Bikes helps keep that alive over the years. We hit up Ryan for a few questions about his shop and the local scene.

Nathan Williams fills in some blanks to complete the issue after his morning cup of Joe.


Subrosa en Columbia – Four Amigos Take On La Ciudad De Bogata
Keith Mulligan was on hand during a Subrosa trip in South America this year to capture the essence of the team and riders along with the amazing country. The photo feature is made up of dozens of black and white photos that Keith hand-colored with pencils, losing a lot of sleep in the process.

The Photos
This is what the issue is all about—photos that move and inspire us to be creative, ride, or just simply sit back in awe. This year’s collection of photos comes from photographers all around the world including action and lifestyle shots of Fuzzy Hall, Tom White, Chase Gouin, Corey Martinez, Mike Hoder, Nigel Sylvester, Jimmy Levan, and a whole lot more.