It seems like just yesterday we got in our 150th issue, had a big party, and made a mess with cake in the office. And now we have another issue that showed up at the office today. This issue features a DC trails article, a Nike 6.0 video article, a Mark Mullville interview, and a story told by a swan among other good reads. Look below for the complete contents of issue 151.

Ride BMX Magazine - Issue 151 - Garrett Reynolds

On The Cover: The day after winning gold in X Games street, Garrett Reynolds went for a victory run on this Los Angeles rail and wrapped it up with a no-hander-to-icepick. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

First Words:
Mulligan wrote this one at three in the morning and attempts to explain how complex the timeline of our magazine is. I’m confused after reading it and I work here, so I doubt you’ll ever figure out why the December issue arrived near the beginning of October.


Last year’s NORA Cup winner for flatland, Matthias Dandois gets a spread going round ‘n’ round next to a giant metal sphere.

Up Front:

There are way too many sponsor changes, injuries, and news blurbs in here to relay to you, but most of them you’ve already read about online anyway. So why put them in the magazine? So your kids can look back at your old stack of mags and know what was going on when you were in your prime, that’s why ya old hag.

What’s On
Lots and lots of stuff coming up this month on the site including but not limited to Alistair Whitton and Mark Mulville magazine excerpts, the Orland Dew Tour, Baco-A-Go-Go, Pros’ Halloween costumes, and more!

Pro Q&A – Alistair Whitton:
Ali is a smart ass with big moves on the BMX and this month he answered more than an handful of our readers’ questions including the normal ones like, “What are your favorite, least favorite, and hardest tricks?” and the less typical ones like, “Why do people hate you?” Ali responded with a quote from Lil’ Wayne.

New frames, forks, hubs, tires, grips, bars, stems, and sprockets… Are your pockets burning yet?

Soft Goods:
Everyone wears clothes and shoes, so this section is for all of us and includes hoodies, T-shirts, shoes, hats, and more from our advertisers.

We interview George Kastrinakis about his NYC sneaker shop Front Street and Brian Castillo about his new Gypsy catalog. Then we wrap things up with a few DVD reviews including Road Fools 16 and Federal’s Remixed.

Pro Shop – Long Island Bike Shop:
With more BMX industry guys from Long Island than I can even count, you better believe the Island has a thriving scene. We met up with Dean and Kenny from Long Island Bike Shop to get the 411 on the LI BMX community and riders.

Six pages of great action photos including dirt, street, and flatland.

Bio – Shane Weston:
You may remember Shane from a recent Web video here on with Nathan Williams. This up-and-coming Hoffman flow rider has a great attitude and unique tricks, and Seth Kimbrough has nothing but nice things to say about him in the write up.

Compliments, a kid who got paid $20 to get his letter published, and an old guy who can’t believe how good today’s young riders are… All this and more along with a good reader photo by Dan Kelleghan.

Ten To End – Rob Darden:
Rob has been on fire lately and shows his love for The Blue Falcon in this interview.

– Features –

The Double Life Of Mark Mulville
Mark Mulville not only kills it on trails, street, and ramps, but he also hits up the karaoke bar a few times a week. Ryan Fudger was able to spend some time with Mark and capture images of all of the above before having a semi-drunken conversation with Mark that translated into several thousand words in the pages of the magazine and will eventually overflow onto the site.

Built To Shred
Ryan Fudger ventures out of his comfort zone and into the scorching desert to photograph riders setting up piles of junk and making them into obstacles before turning tricks for Fuel TV’s camera crew.

Open Doors – Chris Doyle & Corey Bohan At Northwest Trails
Portland, Salem, and Seattle all altered their strict trails policies long enough for these two dirt legends to get some clips and photos at the NWC’s amazing spots. And of course we show some love to the locals.

Swan Song – A Swan’s Account Of Four Riders’ Playground Session
Brian Kachinsky, Tony Malouf, Miles Rogoish, and Drew York shred a tiny playground in Moline, Illinois, and a swan watching nearby tells the story.

Around The World In 6.0 Days
You may not even be aware that for the past year the Nike 6.0 team has been working on what is sure to be one of the best videos this year. They traveled to several countries and their four team riders produced a ton of amazing footage. This story captures some of the tricks that went down along the way.