Ride has hit another milestone… Some 16 years after its creation, Ride has dropped its 150th issue. This one includes two posters, along with a Rob Wise interview, a trip to Australia with the Mosh team, a look behind the scenes at the Levi’s video, and a ton of other stuff. Take a look at what’s inside this special issue of your favorite BMX magazine.

Ride BMX Magazine Issue 150

On the cover: Bunnyhop up to less than a bike length of flat, air the upper bank, throw, catch, and bring it home. Sean Sexton sessioned this cement waterfall setup in Australia like it was nobody’s business but his own. Photo: Mulligan


First Words:

Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan thanks the people who have made it possible for Ride to survive for 150 issues—our readers, and of course the people who have worked here over the years. He also tries more than a couple of times to smash a cake with a kickout to get the photos on this page. Eat up.

Tate Roskelley does a trick on the ground—literally. This is freestyle.

Up Front:

The Sponsor Block, Fine Print, The Disabled List, and an interview with the only company that has advertised in all 150 issues of Ride…Albe’s.

Pro Q&A – Dakota Roche:

Dak answered a ton of questions in the magazine including the typical, “What got you into riding?” and the not-so-typical, “Would you save a girl in a burning building or a bus full of children?” And remember, the questions that didn’t fit in the magazine will be on ridebmx.com in the coming weeks.

We have 12 new products including frames, bars, cranks, seats, pegs, and grips. May we suggest cutting out the parts and trying to build a paper bike? Then you can get your sister’s paper dolls to ride them. Then you can stop because that’s kind of creepy.

Soft Goods:
Shirts, hats, and shoes from the great companies that sponsor this fine magazine… If you want to have the sweetest kit on the block, look here for the hottest threads. And we will continue to use the dopest slang to describe this shizzle…fo rizzle!


We take a peek inside Adam Baker’s iPod and review the new Two By Four DVD and Joe Cox’s Tomorrow We Work.

Pro Shop – Circuit BMX:
Pawtucket, Rhode Island’s, bike shop makes an appearance this month and is one of the best-looking BMX shops we’ve ever seen. We interviewed owner Vic Bettencourt to get the low down on the shop.

Come on, it’s issue 150? Did you think we’d let you down with this month’s photos? We have 12 pages of awesome riding and great lifestyle shots to entertain those A.D.D. kids who don’t actually read the magazine.

From a poet to a soldier in Iraq, our readers stretch the spectrum of riders out there and write in with some of the wildest stuff.

Bio – Kevin Troyer:
Sandy Carson speaks highly of this Plymouth, Indiana ,native who shreds.

Ten To End – Sergio Layos:

This Spaniard can never get enough of his bike and encourages you to have fun and not waste your life.


“What If I Hit A Roo?!” – A Fantastic (But Rainy) Australian Mosh Road Trip
Kangaroos, koalas, snakes, beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, and plenty of awesome riding from guys you love like Sean Sexton, Brett Walker, Corey Bohan, Jesse Whaley, and Heath Pinter.

A Place In The Woods – Connecticut’s Basset Trails

Walk into the woods, open the coffin, take out buckets, shovels, and rakes, groom jumps, then ride. Wait, open the coffin? Yep… Then flow through the line called “Sleepless” and hope you don’t join the list of people who have been knocked out riding that line.

For The Love
A heart-shaped scab inspired this editorial piece about what BMX means to us.

Getting Theatrical – The Making Of The Levi’s Video

Levi’s has done a ton for their riders and our sport recently, including sending their riders all over the world and producing an amazing film. This is a look at the Levi’s video that premieres at NORA Cup next week and everyone will be talking about for years to come. With its pro and flow teams and an amazing filmmaker behind the project, there is no way this video can fail.

The Silent Shredder Speaks – Rob Wise Interview
The former Mormon from Utah is one of the most progressive street riders out there right now. These 12 pages show some insane riding and give you good insight into a rider you probably don’t know much about.

– Plus, 2 Bonus Posters! –

150th Issue Poster

151 covers over a 16-year span artfully arranged around our 150th logo… And on the back, countless photos ripped out of 150 issues of the magazine, taped to a wall in our office in a crazy floor-to-ceiling collage, photographed, and made into a poster. This is one to frame and hold on to.

DC Poster
Chad Kagy, Dave Mirra, and Daniel Dhers… These three athletes brought home four medals from X Games 14 and make for one hell of a poster. Keep your eyes peeled on ridebmx.com for a special contest where you can win all of the DC apparel featured on the back of this poster.