Two metal pegs, a cassette, and brakes… A classic bike for a legendary rider. Check out Van Homan‘s current BMX build.

Location: Pennsville, NJ
Sponsors: Fit Bike Co., Dans Comp, Bell Helmets, Duo, GSport

What I Ride - Van Homan

Frame: Fit Moto Mike 21.25" TT
Fork: Fit FK 1.3
Bars: Fit Vandlebar
Stem: Fit Aitken
Grips: Duo Homan
Barends: Duo
Headset: Fairdale
Seatpost: Fit Tripod
Seat: Fit Tripod
Pedals: Fit Mac
Cranks: Fit 2pc Indent 24mm
Sprocket: Fit Key Drive 24mm
Chain: Shadow Supreme
Front Tire: Duo Stunner 2.25″
Front Wheel: GSport Birdcage laced to GSport Samian
Rear Tire: Duo Stunner 2.25″
Rear Wheel: GSport Birdcage laced to GSport prototype Samian
Pegs: GSport Van-Pegs
Detangler: Odyssey Gyro
Brakes: Odyssey Evo II
Lever: DMC hand me down

How would you describe your bike?
I like to think of it as a classic set up that is perfect for all around riding.

What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?
Brakes and metal pegs definitely go against the grain these days, but it just feels right to me.

Your bike looked a little weathered at the time we shot it. What had it gone through prior to us shooting it?
Yeah, I've been on this one for a while now and had been putting it to good use on a cross-country road trip. These bikes are meant to be ridden and I don’t baby it.

Still holding strong the metal pegs. Have you ever considered updating your signature pegs with a plastic version?
I just like the way metal pegs feel, metal on metal…can’t beat that. I’d entertain using plastic if a specific setup called for it, but they just aren’t necessary for the way I usually ride.

Of all the frames that Fit offers, what made you choose to ride the Aitken frame?
Strong set up designed for speed and all-around riding. Also, Mike is the man and anything I can do to continue his legacy is something I’m down for.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
I’d say the bend of my brake lever, but Dennis McCoy hooked me up after I broke my Tech 77 earlier in the trip and I'm starting to like the no bend.