The things that go down on this bike are legendary. If you’ve seen Nathan William‘s Still United section then you already know, if not, then you can resolve that issue here. Nathan’s 2016 signature Mothership frame features a collaboration Two Snakes Tattoo shop, which you can read more about below. As well as learn more about Nathan’s updated V2 Nash cranks…

Age: 28
Height: 5′ 10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Nashville, TN
Sponsors: United Bikes, Etnies, Cinema, Dan's Comp, Antidote

What I Ride - Nathan Williams

Frame: 2016 United Mothership, Two Snakes Tattoo collab—out next month.
Fork: United Dinero.
Bars: United Mothership XXL.
Stem: United Metro.
Grips: United Geoff Slatts.
Barends: Plastic.
Headset: United.
Clamp: United.
Seatpost: United Tripod.
Seat: United Supreme.
Pedals: United Alex V.
Cranks: United Nash.
Sprocket: United Machinez 28-T.
Chain: KMC.
Front Tire: United U-Slick, 2.35."
Front Wheel: Cinema 777 rim laced to a Cinema VX hub with BSD plastic guards.
Rear Tire: United U-Slick, 2.35."
Rear Wheel: Cinema 777 rim laced to Cinema FX freecoaster hub with a Cult non-drive side plastic and Primo drive side plastic guard.
Pegs: Fiend Belmont 4.5."

Tell us more about the Two Snakes Tattoo collab with your frame…

So with this run of frames I wanted to do something with my friends James Cox and Alexis Camburn who own a tattoo shop over in Hastings, England. James filmed Still United, so I've grown to know them both really well over the years. I've been into tattoos and that culture for a long time now so I thought it would be fitting to do a collaboration with them at Two Snakes. And I feel lucky that they were down. I'm mainly into the traditional side of tattooing, so they drew up some classic bits for the sticker sheets that will be with every frame. I'm hyped the way it turned out cause it looks like a flash page. Nothing better then getting to work with your close friends! The frame will be out next month, so keep a look out. And if you're ever in the Hastings, England area, make sure and go see them at Two Snakes. Great people and some of the best tattooist around!

What's new/different with your V2 signature Nash cranks?
We changed them from having a sprocket bolt to having no boss, and spline drive. It seems to be tighter feeling and it just makes the crank arms look so much better, not having those bosses showing

What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?
I don't do anything too crazy to my bike. I always cut my bars to 27-27 1/2, and I run them just a little bit back with the angle of the fork. wI've recently started cutting my steer tube on my fork so I don't run any spacers. I felt like my front end was getting too tall and feeling a little funky for me. I run pretty low tire pressure—like 45-50 PSI. I like the cushion it gives. Doesn't work too well for tranny stuff, though [laughs]. Other than that, everything is pretty much out of the box and on the bike.

What parts do you change out the most often and why?
Pedals, grips, peg sleeves are what I go through the most—pretty much all the plastic parts…

What are you most particular about on your bike?
My bars and everything about the front end really. I can usually just not think about it when something is different or when riding someone else's bike, but the height, width and placement of the bars will trip me out!