Watching Leandro Moreira ride dirt is a spectacle to behold. The dude goes huge with a barrage of tricks and loads of style. Here's the bike he handles his business with, courtesy of GT and Profile.

Name: Leandro Moreira
Age: 29
Location: Carapicuiba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sponsors: Monster Energy, GT Bicycles, Torque BMX, Profile Racing, Ogio, Skullcandy, ASW, Virtual BMX

What I Ride - Leandro Moreira

Frame: GT “BK” Brian Kachinsky, 21′ TT
Fork: Odyssey R32
Bars: Proper TTXL Chromoly 8.75″ Rise, 28.5″ Wide
Stem: Profile Mark Mulville 48mm
Grips: Member
Barends: ODI
Headset: Odyssey
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Odyssey Tripod
Seat: Member Tripod
Pedals: Premium Slim, plastic
Cranks: Profile Column 22MM, 170mm, titanium spindle
Sprocket: Profile Galaxy, 22mm, spline drive, 25-tooth
Chain: Volume
Front Tire: KHE Street 2.25"
Front Wheel: Profile Elite, 3/8" Titanium button head bolts, GSport rim, with titanium spokes.
Rear Tire: KHE Street 2.25"
Rear Wheel: Profile Elite RHD, 9-tooth titanium one-piece driver – 3/8" to 14mm button head bolt titanium, GSPORT chromoly rim, with titanium spokes.
Brakes: Odyssey EVO II
Lever: Odyssey
Detangler: Odyssey

What are some preferences for your bike set up? What makes it your ride?
I just prefer light bikes (titanium parts). The best size for me is 21′. The [Profile] Elite hub's sounds amazing in dirt. This make me fell like I'm riding faster and higher on the jumps.

By today's standards your seat would be considered on the higher side. Do you keep it at that height for tricks, comfort, both?
For me it's more comfortable to do barspin variations.

What parts do you change out the most often and why?
I change most often my grips and seat because it has greater wear.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Nothing in particular, I think.

What do you have between your sprocket and BB and what purpose does it serve?
I use a piece of rubber next to the cranks so they don't rotate when I do tailwhips.