Colin Varanyak just built up a fresh Fiend Varanyak frame in his new gunmetal grey colorway, along with some prototype Animal wheels, a prototype Fiend Varanyak seat, and more.

Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: San Diego
Sponsors: Animal Bikes, Fiend BMX, Dans Comp, Etnies

Frame: Fiend Varanyak, 20.75"
Fork: Animal Street, 15mm offset
Bars: Animal Empire State
Stem: Animal Inverse
Grips: Fiend Team
Barends: Fiend
Headset: Fiend
Seatpost: Fiend Tripod
Seat: Fiend Varanyak Tripod, prototype
Pedals: Animal Rat Trap
Cranks: Fiend prototype 160mm (Usually run the Animal 160mm, as they are one of the few companies to do a production run).
Sprocket: Fiend Varanyak, spline drive
Chain: Animal Hoder
Front Tire: Animal GLH, 2.35″
Front Wheel: Animal prototype hub, guards, and rim.
Rear Tire: Animal GLH, 2.35″
Rear Wheel: Fiend Cab freecoaster, prototype Animal rim and hub guards.
Pegs: Animal Benny L, 4.5″

You just built up this bike. What's different from the previous bike you were riding?
Really just the color. My frame dimensions are the same as previous versions. The only difference is the dropouts on the new colors are thicker.

You explained the story behind the name of your signature Animal Empire State bars during your Feeble Talk episode last week, care to fill us in on the dimensions?
Yeah, I really just wanted to create a solid, bigger bar design for Animal since all of the previous bars were under 9″. They also have a 12° backsweep and 1° upsweep. I run the 9.5" bars and cut them just a little for barspins. I know a lot of people like the uncut/long feel so I wanted to keep them longer to give people the option since it's the first big bar Animal has made.

How long have you been running the new Animal Inverse stem and what are your thoughts on it so far?Visually, I love how it looks and physically, I’ve yet to have my bars move forward on me—which is usually hard to find with a lot of top load stems. I couldn’t be happier with it!

You're also rolling on a new Animal front hub and rims. Can you tell us more about them? And… you're running a Fiend coaster, but is there a new Animal rear hub available as well?
The new Animal rims are next level. I seriously can’t wait for these things to come out! Super strong and solid street based rim with a unique look that’s clean and visually appealing. There’s actually a prototype Animal coaster being shipped to me as we speak, but I’m gonna run the Fiend one for a bit to really put these rims to the test before building up the Animal prototype.=

It looks like you're running 4" inserts with 4.5" sleeves on your Animal Benny L pegs. What's going on there?
[Laughs] That was purely a mistake, but it honestly doesn’t matter. I’ve run it like that before and honesty it’s kind of nice. The end never cracks off, and the metal peg never gets chewed up from dropping your bike so it’s never hard to get a 17 in there. I have a regular pair on the way now, but I'm not sure if I’m gonna switch it out or keep it like this just yet.

I really like the look of your Fiend seat. It's super minimal texture wise and just has that little logo on the rear. Is that new?
It’s actually just a prototype. I think we are gonna end up doing something a little different for the production run. I just wanted a clean looking seat that felt right. I love chino pants so it just made sense!

Your frame has integrated chain tensioners, but you're not using them. Why not?
Because I built my frame less than 12 hours before leaving for this trip and I couldn’t find a small Allen key. I have 'em in my bag and I have been meaning to throw them in there. Thanks for the reminder Z! [laughs]

You mentioned a V2 of your Fiend Varanyak frame was in the works last week on Feeble Talk, but it was too soon for you to elaborate on it at the time. Can you divulge any more information yet?
[Laughs] I don’t want to give too much away at this time because I’m still working on the design and haven’t even received a prototype yet, but I’m extremely excited to try out the changes I’ve made. I have a good feeling about it!