This one slipped into the YouTube black hole for a bit, but better late than never. Colin Varanyak gives you the rundown of his well-loved Fiend/Animal setup…


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 155lbs
Sponsors: Fiend, Animal, Etnies

Frame: Fiend Varnyak 20.75" Top Tube
Fork: Animal Street 15mm offset
Bar: Animal Empire Varanyak Bars
Stem: Animal Inverse
Cranks: Fiend Team 2.5 pc
Pedals: Animal Rattrap
Sprocket: Fiend Varanyak
Chain: Animal Hoder 
Seat: Fiend Varanyak
Seat Post: Fiend
Front Wheel: Animal Prototype
Rear Wheel: Animal with Animal non-drive hub guard. BSD hub guard on drive side.
Tires: Animal GLH
Pegs: Animal Benny L