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This month's issue of Ride BMX features an interview with cover boy Alex Magallan, the Fit team in Ecuador, a road trip through Idaho and Montana with Mike Aitken, Tom Dugan, and Joe Rich, as well as Chad Kerley, Sean Burns, Cam Wood’s bike shop, and more…

On The Cover: This has been on Alex Magallan's radar for years and a lot of other big name riders have had their look at it. With Stew Johnson in town and footage going to Owned, Alex finally made it happen—about a dozen times since he kept messing up on the second part of the line! Photo: Andrew White

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On Newsstands: February 14, 2012

– Departments –

First Words
Editor in Chief Keith Mulligan reflects on the amazing progress Mike Aitken has made from his crash three years, to today, where he’s back on the horse shredding concrete with Tom Dugan and Joe Rich.

Devin Fredlund demonstrates how Halloween is celebrated, Austin, Texas, style.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injured List, and Fine Print…we’ve got a few shakeup’s with some of the biggest names in BMX.

Pro Q&A: Chad Kerley
The 17 year old trick machine from sunny San Diego talks about high school, nose manuals, his favorite spots, gets asked to prom, and more.

Frames, forks, bars, stems, pegs, seats, and more. Lots of new hard goods just in time for your holiday wish list.

Soft Goods
Almost an entire new wardrobe from Fox, Skavenger, Kink, Shadow, S&M, Vans, Stolen, Animal, Fit, and Etnies.

DVD overload! Killjoy, Props Owned, OSS Dnvr Ngs, United Downtime, FBM Thousand Yard Stare, Skavenger 2011, and BMXFU Guy Stuff are all in here.

Pro Shop: The Wood Shop
Salt Lake City’s Cam Wood gave his shop a signature look that you really need to see for yourself.

Fancy action photos of Jason Enns, Cam Wood, Geoff Slattery, Justin Simpson, Roman Tencza, and Art Thomason.

Bio: Joey Motta
In Drew Hosselton’s write up about Joey he says, “Joey is the most interesting person I have ever met.” Which means a lot, because there are some interesting cats in Arizona.

A guy named Slayer asks some questions about photography and ends up winning a pair of Premium cranks. Who would’ve thought?

Finish: Sean Burns
Like anything featuring Sean Burns, this is an interesting read. Topics include; his favorite video part, the best trick of all time, the weirdest place in the world, and more.

– Features –

Fit In Ecuador
After Van Homan gets denied into the country, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan, Justin Inman, and Christian Porras have to fend for themselves in this foreign land—well, sort of.

American Classics
Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan explore the back country roads of Idaho and Montana in a Trans Am. And as if that’s not cool enough, Joe Rich was on hand to document it—making it one hell of an epic adventure.

Alex Magallan Interview
Shot entirely in Nashville, Tennessee, Alex makes his hometown proud with a kick-ass interview full of bangin’ photos.

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