Kurt Rasmusson, Drew Bezanson, fresh products, new threads, Albe’s, how-to 180 with Dakota Roche, Kink’s Taiwan trip, Good ol’ U.S.A., ten of the best street spots of all time, and more… Here’s what’s inside issue 159.

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Newsstand On Sale Date: August 4, 2009

On The Cover: Bunnyhop whip drop-in at the Petaluma Park, not far from where Mike Krnaich first taught Kurtis Elwell how to do a tailwhip. Photo: Jeff Zienlinski

– Departments –

First Words
Keith Mulligan addresses the irony of two featured articles, one year prior to this issue, which managed to find its way into this month’s issue.

After a run-in with the law, the light at the end of the tunnel may seem out of reach, but for Paul Horan, that light was riding.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Injuries List, Fine Print, and What’s On Ridebmx.com are all appearing to be in the normal positions. Also, the “Stay Fit” DVD is still in the works as time wines down for its unveiling at the 2009 NORA Cup Awards.

Pro Q&A: Kurt Rasmusson
A full-time worker, a family man, and an amazingly talented rider. What can’t this guy do? You guys asked the questions and Kurt delivered.

New Products
If I had a dollar for every time I saw a mom buying their kids bike parts, I’d probably have enough money to buy myself some parts. Anyways, here’s what we have in store for this month’s new products. Frames, stems, tires, headsets, grips, handlebars, and more.

Soft Goods

From prices ranging from $17 to $199, we have all the latest threads for everyone. So help stimulate the economy, kids and go buy a T-shirt!

AOTC and Madera video reviews, along with a story of the boys that love their bicycles at FBM.

Pro Shop – Albe’s
Aside from being one of the biggest online mail order BMX shops out there, Albe’s also has a regular bike shop in the heart of Michigan. Mark “Flip” Flipowicz gives you the details on the shop.

How-To 180 With Dakota Roche
The 180 is just one of those tricks that every BMX rider should know how to do, so for the beginers, Dakota Roche is here to show you the essentials to successful execute a 180.

Bio – Bink

The 21 year-old that seems to have a bad reputation on his bike, but even worse off his bike. David Quinn Seavey, better known is “Bink” landed himself in the hot-seat for this month’s bio.

Complainers, complainers, complainers…that’s all I see in this batch of letters except for a dizzy man in his late thirties dropping in on a ramp and a soldier building a half pipe.

Finish – Drew Bezanson
Bar humps, Catfish, ridiculous situations, lunatic drivers, procrastinating, his lust for a bulldozer. The words of a man who has his name mispronounced more than anyone, Drew Bezanson.

– Features –

The Chillest of Trips – Kink In Taiwan
Across the seas and on the other side of the world stands a country that most of you could care less about, sadly. But Taiwan does more for BMX than you think. I can bet most of you are riding either a frame or some kind of part that was fabricated from ther,e but we already covered that in last September’s Issue. As for as this year’s September issue, the Kink team plunged into the Taiwanese culture and enjoyed themselves in a slew of things that made for one hell of a trip.

Made In The U.S.A.
It’s hard to find a company these days that doesn’t manufacture their parts outside the United States. However, as for FBM, Profile, Solid, and S&M, this The States is where it all happens. We take an inside look into the masters of the U.S.A. companies today.

Kurtis Elwell Interview
Nor Cal local and super chill dude Kurtis Elwell finally got his full interview in the magazine. Along with a list of tricks he finally got done, Kurtis also talks about family life, traveling (and not traveling), sponsors, and more.

The Ten Best Street Spots of All Time
This one is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. We asked the pros and they let us know their thoughts and opinions on the ten greatest street spots of all time.