Van Homan, Darryl Tocco, Empire BMX, 39 new products, the DC team in New York, photos and stories from freestyle’s legends, and the ramp that traveled the continent in search of unique visions…check out what’s inside issue 157!

Subscriber Ship Date: 5/21/09
Newsstand On Sale Date: 6/9/09

On The Cover: Early bird gets the air… Garrett Byrnes launches roof and ramp while the great ball of fire rises over the Atlantic and you were drooling in your sleep. Photo by Mulligan.


– Departments –

First Words
It doesn’t take much to launch a bike into the air. This is something we’ve all experienced and enjoyed over the years. Keith Mulligan elaborates on this idea and creates a prelude to the issue’s cover story, “The Ramp.”

A discarded tube littered with more than dozen patches serves as a cool photograph and a great way to start off the issue.

Up Front
Injured List, Quotes, Fine Print, and an On The Grill interview with Morgan Wade are all in the front of the mag this month, just where we left ’em last month, and where you’ll find ’em again next month.

Pro Q&A – Van Homan
27 of your questions you left on made it to the pages of the magazine after Van Homan answered them. Questions ranged from being pro, big gaps, traveling, and kicking ass for a long time…


This month we show you 39 new products including four frames, components, tires, grips, and more.

Soft Goods
The weather is warming up around the country so that means you’ll need some new T-shirts for the summer. Check out our softgoods section this month to see what’s fresh on the scene.

Jim Cielencki talks about Sunday’s first full-length DVD “Up, Up, And Away” and Ryan Fudger reviews it along with BMXFU’s “FUTU.”

Pro Shop – Empire BMX
Empire is probably one of the most famous BMX shops in the country so we are stoked to have Austin’s cornerstone in this issue and have Tom and Tina Williams answer some questions about their brainchild.

Seven pages of awesome action photos that will make you want to ride!

Bio – Mike Osso
Even after putting in more than a full week’s worth of work at Animal Bikes, Mike Osso finds time to ride…and ride really freakin’ good.

Bio – Ryan “Chris” Johnsson
This White Plains, New York, resident makes his first appearance in the magazine with a nice gap to wallride followed by a handful of questions so you can get to know him a little better.

Six of our MySpace friends get their messages published. Funny how things come full circle from the Web to the magazine like that…

Finish – Darryl Tocco
Kick ass rider, extraordinary filmer and editor, and all around great dude Darryl Tocco finishes off this issue with 26 fill-in-the-blanks.

– Features –

The Ramp
We got John Povah to build a portable launch ramp that we shipped in a bike box to Craig Mast, Dave Osato, Jimmy LeVan, and Garrett Byrnes for them to get creative with. The article took more than a year to complete, but yielded some great riding, and a handful of amazing photos that include everything from barbed wire to a Ferrari.

Kinda Random…
We get great, but random, photos at the office all the time that don’t really fit with what we are doing with the magazine, and after letting a bunch of BMX tidbits pile up for a while we decided to unload it in this random, but extremely interesting, article featuring stories, quotes, photos, and illustrations from all walks of life.

Four Nights To Get It Right – DeLaRosa, Wise, White, And Simms In New York City

Four days in NYC with these street shredders is sure to produce some great riding, and of course some wild stories too. Fudger documents both…