In this issue we have an amazing article with Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken about the crashes that changed their lives, a full-length Darin Read interview, and articles with Garrett Reynolds, Colin Mackay, Edwin DeLaRosa, Dustin Griess, and more. Keep reading for the issue’s full contents.

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March 26, 2009
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On The Cover: When Chris Doyle got to this spot he figured he’d either do a 180 or a superman—two completely different tricks, and Doyle is one of the only dudes we could picture doing the latter one any justice. Chris “BD” Doyle, superman personified in Long Beach, California. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

– Departments –

First Words
Editor In Chief Keith Mulligan reflects back on the serious injuries Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken have suffered and adds in his two cents about the helmet issue. Here you go…Ride has finally addressed “the helmet issue” and it has never been so personal.

A generator and a few sets of work lights can go a long way.

Up Front
Sponsor Block, Disabled List, Fine Print, What’s On…they are all there, and thankfully Disabled List is short this month.

Pro Q&A – Garrett Reynolds

You’ve seen him annihilate every contest in his path for the past two years or so, you’ve seen him put out one of the most intense video parts in BMX history, and now you’ve asked him a slew of questions…and he answered everything from the Toronto BMX Jam to small town living to zebra stripes.

We couldn’t ride without products, so it’s no wonder why so many of our readers are psyched on the pieces of metal and plastic that make our bikes go. New pedals, bars, frames, forks, completes, and more are all featured this month.

Soft Goods
Animal, Fox, Vans, Diamondback, Nike 6.0, Volume, Colony, and Skavenger all have new apparel and accessories to show off this month.

We caught up with Odyssey’s “Web site Guy” and asked him a bunch of geeked-out tech questions about his day to day and the work he does. We also found out what Davey Watson is listening to these days on his iPod.

Pro Shop – Post

Edwin DeLaRosa and Troy M. recently opened a shop in Brooklyn, New York, that invites riders to “Post” up and chill, so we interviewed Edwin about his new business venture.

Sure you’ve all seen Rad (we hope), but what other silver screen movies have shown BMX over the years? Well, according to this month’s glimpse, there are at least 23 more and we give you a quick peek at the memorable riding scenes from each of them.

Street, dirt, and vert are all covered. Go ahead and rip them out to tape up in your school locker or on your bedroom wall.

Bio – Dustin Griess
The man behind is not only a computer whiz and entrepreneur, but also a very good rider.

Everything from the typical kid asking for industry advice to a poet with a few haikus made it in this month’s letters section.

Finish – Colin Mackay
After making the move from Australia to the U.S. ten years ago, Colin Mackay has plenty to talk about for his Finish interview.

– Features –

The Crash Factor – The Two Falls That Shook BMX

Stephen Murray and Mike Aitken both talk about their accidents like you have never heard before. Then their friends all chime in to tell how the horrible ordeal affected their lives, too. Brian Foster, John Jennings, Alistair Whitton, Chase Hawk, Chris Doyle, and a few others all speak on the crashes.

Fast Forward – Dizz Hicks, Art, & Freestyle Collide In Queens, New York
Dizz Hicks may very well be the king of the kickturn ramp, but also is a talented artist who had an art show in a museum complete with ramps that were sessioned throughout the night.

Sidehack Love – Greyboy & Truly Odd Revamp The Hack
You may have noticed an increase in sidehack action lately online, but we went a step further and met up with two of the modern day sidehack gurus for a photo shoot and interview.

Darin Read & The Northwest: Til Death Do They Part
After a tape recorder malfunction with the first interview, we sent Darin a blank tape and told him to fill the tape with random thoughts over a two-week period. The thoughts he laid out compliment the Northeast trails, park, and street photos of his first interview in the magazine.