The full scoop the 2008 NORA Cup, the raw and uncut Eddie Cleveland interview, your questions and his answers with Garret Brynes, and a lot more where that came from. Take a look at what’s inside this issue of the magazine you can’t get enough of.

On The Cover: It ain’t from Dead Bang, but it surely is deadman. Sean Burns dips into a steep bank sometime and somewhere for Sandy Carson’s soul-capturing device. Photo by Sandy Carson.

– Departments –

First Words:
“It was a night to remember.” The first words that came to Keith Mulligan’s mind when he spoke about this years NORA Cup. You should take the time to read this one. Take my word for it.

Filming for the Nike 6.0 video, “Writing On The Wall,” Nigel Sylvester shows you that some days you’re on and other days you’re not.

Up Front:
The list of injuries and sponsorship changes continue to grow. I swear every-time I turn around it’s the same people that wind up on the list. Aside from that, Ride BMX’s 150th Issue party went down and we have plenty of photos of the shenanigans that went on that night.

Pro Q&A – Garrett Byrnes:
Garret was asked to do a Pro Q&A and he ended up answering questions about pie and having some kid say “Eat your heart out, Garrett.”

New frames, hubs, wheels, tires, handlebars, and sprockets. We always have the latest products.

We interview Darryl Tocco about his take on “Video Noise.” We also reviewed two new DVD’s; Tony Piff’s BMX Is Cute and Terry Adam’s highly anticipated film Dreams.

Pro Shop – Timeless BMX:
Jody Stoddard and his wife Christine opened up a BMX Shop in Boston and had a lot to say about what to expect from their venture.

From a 13 year-old rider to a guy who wants to know the low down on how to start a magazine, it’s all here and more.

Ten To End – Jesse Whaley:
The country boy living in the big city life, tells you not to mess with crackhead rednecks.

– Features –

The 2008 NORA Cup Awards:
For all of you who couldn’t join us that night, this is what you get. Interviews with five of the best riders in the world, Daniel Dhers, Garret Reynolds, Terry Adams, Mike Day, and Corey Bohan. Plus the best video part and best video of the year. Not to mention appearances by Darryl Nau, Mike Dominguez, Stephen Murray, Gary Ellis, Dave Young, and the man himself Bill Allen (Cru Jones from Rad).

Full Speed Coasting – The Eddie Cleveland Interview:
No make-up, no second takes, no bullshit. This guy has been killin’ it for years and won’t stop for anything. The true life of Eddie Cleveland.