Next up for Weekly Exposure  is a great shot from Austin shooter Leonid Furmansky featuring Tony Sanchez ice grinding a sick looking one-of kind rail. The multi textured and colored background, with a blue-hour sky, and the low perspective in the road matched with some clean lighting makes this shot easy to look at it. —Z.

Don't need a stool

"Rolling up to this rail is like playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on Nintendo—it was to good to be true. A 20-plus foot long rail to session with a perfect run-up and the best part about it there was an invisible driveway you had grind/gap to really consider it a badass trick. This rail is popular to the east coast legends like George Dossantos feeble 180, Bob Scerbo's double to barspin, Tom Whites over double peg, and Edwin’s opposite crook. I’ve never seen anybody icepick this rail and watching Tony Sanchez charge at this rail was amazing." —Leonid

Technical Info: "This was shot on a Canon 40D with a broken sigma 15mm fisheye lens which on a crop sensor is equivalent to a 24mm focal length with a horrible distortion. A Vivitar 285 HV with Alien Bee transmitters both on full blast (1/1) about 8 feet away from the rail. ISO 320, 1/250th at f/5.6."

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Leonid: @thebodegas
Tony Sanchez: @youngerbythedays

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