This shot of Jaron Turnbow dipping a toboggan over a hip in Los Alamos, New Mexico, is spot on. Photographer Joshua Lucero nailed this one with the help of some shallow depth of field courtesy of a 70-200mm lens, great composition with Jaron in open sky, a touch of fill flash to break up Jaron’s all black kit, and the nice late afternoon light tops it all off perfectly. —Z.


“This photo comes from the end of a New Years Eve session last year. We had been riding all day all over Los Alamos, New Mexico, but Jaron wanted to throw a few things over the kind of steep and really fun hip at the skatepark before we packed up our stuff and left for the day. We got a couple of whips and a barspin before he ended the session with this toboggan just as the sun started to set and the temperature began to drop.”

Technical Info: Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, and two Canon 580ex flashes placed about 15 feet to the left of Jaron set at full power and triggered with Pocket Wizard PlusIIIs. Shot at ISO 100, 1/200th at f/3.5.

You can see more of Joshua Lucero’s work here.
And on Instagram:
Joshua: @joshuven
Jaron Turnbow: @grzzjaratoms

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