A hop bar silhouette in front of the moon? Yeah, pretty damn amazing. Keep reading to see how photographer Eric Bahlman pulled off this incredible shot of Drew Hosselton.

“I never imagined how hard it would be to achieve this photo when the idea of it popped in my head a few years ago. At first, I wanted to be the subject in the photo but after getting into photography I knew I had to take it myself. I then had to study moon patterns, calculate distances needed for the subject to fit perfectly inside of the moon, what size lens to use, what time of day each moon cycle was dark enough for the moon but still light enough for the rider to see. Scheduling with the riders was difficult but equally as much as with the weather. Everything could be planned and lined up but a cloudy/hazy/overcast day would ruin everything. Scouting the perfect location within a desert city surrounded by mountains, buildings, light poles and telephone wires alone took me almost a year to find. Coordinating the shot with Drew Hosselton that day was also very difficult. He was originally on top of a flat ramada, but when the moon rose further north than expected, he had to quickly jump off the roof and find flat ground on top of a hill. With his phone in his back pocket and on speaker, I had to direct him to move slightly forward/backward all in a very tense 5 minute window to get the shot. The moon moves rapidly and with myself on foot, running around to get the perfect angle we finally got it! I'm so stoked on the final shot as the small bush Drew ended up next to added a special little desert touch! Thanks Drew!” —Eric
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Technical Info:

With the 1.5x crop factor of my APS-C camera sensor, this gave me a focal length of 750mm. Shutter speed was at 1/800th which is probably the slowest you can go with natural light to freeze a barspin without any blur. ISO 8000 which was probably a bit high but running around frantically is what I landed on.


Sony a6000, Samyang 500mm f/6.3 telephoto lens.

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