The juxtaposition between nature and concrete, coupled with a solid composition and a pool of natural light, makes this shot of Alec Siemon popping a downside whip for the camera of Chris Eiland an easy pick for Weekly Exposure.

“We were planning on riding local spots for the day and started with a fairly well known ditch spot, but it wasn’t a really cool setup in person, so we climbed over some rocks and found this bank tucked away in the back. It was early afternoon and the sun was just starting to drop, leaving a shadow from the mountain on the bank. Alec Siemon is a tailwhip type of guy so there wasn’t really a question of what trick he was down to do. I originally chose a spot in the middle of the two sides of the ditch, but the photo was too spread out, so I sat on the bank opposite to the one he was hitting to eliminate the flat between the two banks. He threw it a few times to feel out the bank and caught pedals the first try after that.” --Chris Eiland

Camera and settings:
Canon 6d with a 50mm lens. ISO 250 1600th at f2.8.

You can follow Chris on Instagram at @chris_eiland and Alec at @alec_shmalec.

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