Weekend Wallpapers — June 9, 2012

I removed wallpaper from a room in my house once, leftover from the previous owners. It sucked balls. If I knew what a bitch it was gonna be I would have left that gaudy flower print up. It was a mess and seriously the worst pain in the ass ever. I’ll never do it myself again, I’ll tell you that. And I’ll never put new wallpaper up on a wall. Paint is the way to go, my friends. Luckily computer wallpapers are nothing like the real thing. Just click on these, save them, change your settings and you’ve remodeled. Clean, free, and easy. You can thank us later.

These photos of Garrett Reynolds, Bruno Hoffman, Eric Lichtenberger, Shane Weston, and Travis Kiesow were from recent issue of Ride BMX print mag. Slap ’em up and enjoy…

Click on each image to get the full-size wallpaper. Then save the full-size images to your computer and set as your desktop background.

Widescreen Monitors:


Standard Monitors: