Weekend Wallpapers — April 28, 2012

This weekend’s diner menu of Weekend Wallpapers includes Caleb Ruecker, Justin Inman, Kelsy Hoog, Shawn McIntosh, and Trey Jones. I’ll go with the club sandwich and fries, and I strongly suggest passing on the meatloaf--if you know what’s good for ya. Click, download, set, and don’t blame me if you ate the mystery meat. I warned you…

Click on each image to get the full-size wallpaper. Then save the full-size images to your computer and set as your desktop background.

Widescreen Monitors:


Standard Monitors:


***Bonus secret contest: The first five people to e-mail me the correct issues (date or issue #) of Ride BMX magazine these photos appeared in, will win a rad little prize package. E-mail your answers to [email protected] Don’t slack!