When Weedmaps reached out to us with the idea of this trip to Mexico (The first official Weedmaps BMX trip), we just couldn't resist. A few days south of the border hitting spots and experiencing Mexican culture!? Needless to say we were hyped.

The trip consisted of BMX team riders Brandon Begin, Stevie Churchill, and Dylan Stark, along with a special guest from the skate team, the San Diego LEGEND, Tommy Sandoval. Tommy skates hard and parties hard, but is also a genuine and down-to-earth dude who remains humble even after stomping what might've been the biggest frontside flip of all time.

After a surprisingly quick pass through the Border, (no passport showing was needed) we made our way to a local park in Tijuana for the obligatory warm-up session. The park was one of the sickest, but also least maintained parks I've been to., a far cry from the pristine Californian skate plazas. Think cracked coping and some interesting trannies… but the rails, ledges and banks were fun as hell and offered plenty of options for everyone. After the warm-up sesh we checked out a few street spots and things quickly turned into the Dylan Stark show. After a few big gaps and an epic ditch fly out flip where Dylan took out a table in the process, the day was won.

From Tijuana we made our way to Rosarito for 2 nights and the rest of the trip went very similarly to day 1. Nothing but good vibes, solid riding, festive night life, and complimentary food / drinks thanks to Weedmaps' friends at Papas and Beer. We were living like kings, eating and drinking for free, staying in the penthouse suite of our hotel (with an ocean view) and the dudes were killing it as a result. Did I mention that Weedmaps has ties to Papas and Beer? Sure we ate and drank for free, but we also got to session the inside of the Papas and Beer club where there were a few rails and stair sets including an epic "death drop" rail that led from an upper level bridge, down onto the stage. It's still hard to believe that they let us session, but that was kind of the theme of the trip… nothing was too good to be true. After another heavily festive night-life complete with M1000 fireworks compliments of Dylan Stark, everyone was really fired up to ride the next day. We found this sick foundation spot with varying sized drops / street gaps and the boys went to work. Once again Dylan went full beast mode attempting to 360 the largest roof gap he could find, and went through his and Stevie's front wheels in the process. Luckily it was nearing the end of the trip so the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

On the last day we went out with a bang. We made our way to Ensenada and took some time to check out the Baja International Short Course Race. And as you might guess we were of course treated to the fine amenities of the VIP zone, with the cars, and drivers, and free food / drinks… such an epic experience. Then that night things got rowdy at Ensenada's Papas and Beer which has more of a night club vibe where we got bottle service and fed each other tequila shots (without a shot glass) until the early hours of the morning. Shout out to our friends at Weedmaps for organizing such an epic trip, to the whole crew for keeping the vibes so strongly positive, to Eric Sorenson and John Holland for manning the video production, to Papas and Beer for the fat hookups, and to the amazing locals Jael, Jonathan Ley, and Azaf for showing us such a good time. Viva la Mexico!!!

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