Kurt Rasmusson blew people’s minds with one hell of an amazing video ending section in Left/Right. Ever wonder which videos inspire and impress the guys whose video sections we rewind over and over again? Here are the videos, sections, songs, and clips that have stuck out in Kurt’s mind.

Huge feeble up and down a ledge to 180 in Los Angeles. If you remember his part in Left/Right, you know he also feebled up to manual down the ledge.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

1. Nowhere Fast: It’s the first BMX video I ever saw and still my favorite.
2. Criminal Mischief: Best riding/antics/soundtrack.
3. Blueprint: Still the gnarliest video I’ve ever seen.
4. Can I Eat?: Never gets old.
5. Road Fools 6: Made me want to travel.

Video Sections:
1. Van Homan in Criminal Mischief: Opened my eyes.
2. Brian Castillo in Nowhere Fast: The riding and music are a perfect match, such a fun part to watch.
3. Ralph Sinisi’s profile in Props: This made me realize there is way more to do on street than just grind rails—so many good ideas.
4. Lou Rajsich in Blueprint: Lou was way ahead of his time, good song, too.
5. Vic Ayala in Animal: Awesome video, my favorite section.

Songs in videos:
1. Brain Damage/Eclipse by Pink Floyd in Dave Parrick’s part in Nowhere Fast.
2. Kids of the Black Hole by The Adolescents in Rooftop’s part in Forward.
3. The Story In Your Eyes by The Moody Blues in the Don’t Quit Your Day Job trails section.
4. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane in Vic Ayala’s Animal part.
5. Bloodstains by Agent Orange in Edwin’s Skavenger part.

Ender clips:
1. Van Homan’s manual bonk-to-gap-to-rail in Little Devil’s Criminal Mischief—I love tricks that are tech and burly, and this is definitely both.
2. Rooftop’s rail to backflip in etnies’ Forward—sooo gnarly!
3. Eric Holley’s barspin to rail ride in Props Road Fools 15—the whole session on that rail was pretty intense, but this was ridiculous.
4. Corey Martinez’s grind up-to-abubaca-to-grind back down in Square One’s Wide Awake Nightmare—I remember thinking, “How does he come up with this stuff?”
5. Mike Hoder’s Garfield gap in the Facad video—I think if anyone else tried this they would have died, it’s pretty stupid… in a good way.