I’m still a little worn down from the weekend, so I’ll save all the sentimental stuff for another time. I just want to thank everyone who came out to NORA Cup on Sunday night. It was already an amazing weekend and it was an absolutely perfect way to end it. We were a bit scared about making the move to Texas, but it was %100 the right decision and we’ll definitely be back next year. So, onto the winners, eh?

Reader’s Choice Awards: Garrett Reynolds
In only its second year, a few thousand of you came to the site to vote on who you think rode the best overall this year. And, with Garrett’s Deadline section on everyone’s mind, it’s no surprise that he took home the baby NORA Cup to start off the night.

Number One Flatlander: Viki Gomez
Viki has been riding for 17 years and he was quick to point out that Ride was one of the first magazines he ever saw when he was just starting out. 17 years later, at our 17th annual NORA award show, he’s taking home a cup. Fate?

Number One Street Rider: Garrett Reynolds
Six years in a row. While Garrett’s riding is clearly on another level, he was quick to point out that everyone nominated deserves a cup, too.

Number One Dirt Rider: Mike “Hucker” Clark
Even though he had to go alcohol-free courtesy of a knock out earlier in the day, Hucker was super hyped to get his second NORA Cup in a row. Always the most entertaining dude to watch at any given moment, the Number One Dirt Rider category continues to show it’s less about first place wins at contests, and more about having a good time and being a good dude.

Video Part Of The Year: Garrett Reynolds – Deadline
Undeniable. Three songs of pure mind fuck. Everyone knew he won and everyone still screamed their head off when it happened.

Video Of The Year: Deadline
Video was the closest category this year between Deadline, Cult, and BF-it, but the Deadline crew ended up taking it in the end. In an act of pure awesomeness, they invited the Cult dudes up on stage to pay homage to one hell of a video.

Number One Ramp Rider: Dennis Enarson
Spending most of the year hurt, apparently Dennis only needs six months to win his second Ramp NORA Cup. And, with his section from Markit Zero premiering the night before, this maaaay not be the last time he gets one, either.

Now, check the highlight video. We’ll have a full run of show video on the site soon…

Filmed by Cameron Muilenberg and Ryan Fudger. Edited by Cameron Muilenberg