Video Exclusive: Redline’s Westbound & Broke Down Edit

We’re hitting you guys hard with the exclusive videos within the past week. Friday we dropped the Garrett Reeves/Sunday Bikes edit featuring all of the wildness that went down during the shooting of his interview in the magazine, yesterday we dropped an exclusive with Tree Bicycle Co. and Derek Nelson, and today, we’re presenting you with the Redline Westbound and Broke Down roadtrip video.

Brandon Christie, Brandon Dosch, Glenn Salyers, Josh Hult, Tyler Fernengel, and Zack Gerber all destroy everything they touch from Salt Lake City to Southern California in our latest video exclusive and the production is entirely on point. Redline has a very diverse and extremely talented crew of riders and Jeff Tabb did a great job on putting this whole thing together. Click play on the video above, and don’t forget to check out the full article in our September 2012 issue.

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