Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit, David Budko navigate the hectic streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, and manage to find what looks like an untouched stack ledge spots and more.

In the beginning of the year, Further flew Devon Smillie, Brad Simms, Jason Phelan, JB Peytavit and David Budko to South East Asia. 3 weeks, 3 countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) and 5 riders who have never been on a trip together…

After Singapore and Malaysia it was time for the guys to hit Indonesia. First stop: Jakarta. Crazy traffic, boiling heat, a meeting with the sports minister and lots of extraordinary street spots welcomed the guys at the hectic capital. Check it out! We hope you like it!

Filmed and edited by Philip Kölsch 
Title design by Christoph Roos