I was straight buzzin’ off this event. Been a long time (probably since the Kerley event at The Bakery) since I’ve been somewhere with such a good a vibe as the Van Doren Invitational. Thousands and thousands of people, butts in bikinis, and ten of the best bowl riders in the world—definitely far-fetched from your average BMX event. Staying true to being a bowl event, some “expected” names were left out of the finals, but the way finals went down was damn right awesome to any BMX purest. Fast, smooth, and style were the power words of the day. Check the highlight video and be sure to come out next year…as I surely hope this becomes an annual invitational. And, I have to give props to Daniel Sandoval…dude legitimately kills it on another level while staying so damn smooth—well, I don’t think anyone could land a 540 flair-whatever and land smooth—so congrats to him on a well-deserved win.

1. Daniel Sandoval
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Chase Hawk
4. Corey Bohan
5. Brian Foster
6. Sergio Layos
7. Dan Foley
8. Rob Darden
9. Geoff Slattery
10. Tom Dugan

Best Trick (in prelims): Brian Foster, 270 transfer
Best Line: Chase Hawk, pretty much everything.

If you haven’t seen ’em already, check the prelims video and the gallery/results