Press Release:

Van Homan Bike Giveaway To Benefit ARF

At the 2010 X Games Van Homan was injured during the BMX Street competition. Helmets were not required in this discipline and Van suffered a fractured skull after slamming the concrete. Athlete Recovery Fund responded immediately helping fly out a family member and putting them up in a local hotel to Cedars hospital while Van recovered.


Immediately after Van was released he wanted to get back home, but was not cleared for flight due to the pressure it would have on his head. ARF helped out once again and rented a car for Van, his wife and mother in-law to make the long drive to New Jersey. ESPN also stepped up huge to help out with the costs he incurred because of his injury and rumor is now that helmets will be required during the BMX Street event.

The next step for BMX riders is to make sure that they are wearing the proper type of helmet. Many riders choose to ride the soft foam helmets that are designed for skate. These helmets cannot even be sold by bike shops because it is against federal law. Hard foam helmets are offered by most manufactures as an option and there are specific DOT and SNELL ratings that tell you if the helmet is designed for bicycle use.

In the short time ARF has been around head injury is by far the most common injury we help with. Riders wearing no helmet or the wrong type of helmet typically contributes to the level of injury.

On the bright side Van Homan wanted to give back to ARF for helping out so he put together a prize package that included the bike he rode at the X Games and a package from his sponsors. For the first half of Dec. anyone who donated $5 would receive their name in the New Era hat for the drawing. People who donated more would better their chances to win the package.

Just in time for the holiday's a winner has been drawn! Baron You from Vancouver, WA is the winner! Thank you to all that participated and happy holidays to all!