September 17 at The Edge BMX Jam, Glanerbrug
October 6-8 at Demo’s Mat Hoffman, EindhovenMid-November at Burnside BMX Street Series #4, Deventer

August 5 at BMX Jam Bremer Sportgarten, Bremen
August 6-9 at ISPO BMX Dirt / MotoX, Munchen
August 20 German BMX F/S Championships, Hamburg
September 6-17 at Trails- und Hallen Jam, Oldenburg
September 22-24 at, Zurich
September 25-27 at Flesh Summerjam, Chemnitz

August 3-6 at Urban Games, London, UK
August 12-13 at KOD 2000 BCFBMX, Ipswich, UK
August 20 at BMX & Sk8board Jam, London, UK
August 26-27 at KOC (King of Concrete), Southsea, UK
September 9-10 at KOD 2000 BCFBMX, Farnham, UK

This information was supplied by FatBMX is a cool magazine style Web site that is run out of the Netherlands by Bart and Paul de Jong. Check it out when you have some time.