By Kevin Connors – Premium Products team manager.

I first met JJ a month ago at Staff BMX. He was there for the Premium video premier. He was the quite kid sitting in the back Next to Bob Pratt (owner of Staff). He didn’t say much at all, other then asking if Joe Riley was going to be there. The next morning I headed down to FDR in Philadelphia with the Staff crew. After a quick session there Bob re-introduced me too JJ as are tour guide around Philly. We got out of the car at the first spot and Bob told me if I feel like taking pictures to bring my camera because JJ is amazing. Not even five minutes into the session he was killing it–then I got the treat of watching him go up a rail and down a few others. Despite the hundred-degree heat and rising humidity, I had a ball getting to ride Philly and watching JJ destroy it. So here is JJ with one day in Philly.

JJ Palmere – Photo by Bob Pratt.

Name: JJ Palmere
Age: 19
Weight class: 160
Resides: Levittown, PA … “The worst place to live if you ride a bike.”
Sponsors: Staff Mail Order

Huge up rail somewhere in the Philly heat. Photo by Kevin Connors.

So you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, how is that?
Well, I actually live in the suburbs in a town called Levittown. Before I started driving I would take the train to ride the city. But I only live 30 minutes from the city and I love riding there.

Fakie tire slap right before heading home for the day. Photo by Kevin Connors.

You recently broke your hand, what sort of hucking where you doing when it decided to go snap.
I actually broke my wrist two times. The first time, I cut the cast off and started riding again after one month. The second time I broke it doing a bunnyhop-whip at my local park and flipped over the bars. When this happened I didn’t have heath insurance so I just let it go. I didn’t ride on it for a month again. Ever since then it hurt a lot so I went to the doctor when I got insurance again. He checked it out and told me the only way to fix this problem was to get surgery, so that’s what I did–bone from my hip and a screw!

Big icepick out of a small bank. Photo by Kevin Connors.

Since you have been of your bike, what have you been doing (other than MySpace)?
Haha! Well, that’s a lot of my time, but I eat a lot more. I’ve been looking for a part-time job, which I will probably quit. I hang out with my girlfriend whenever I see her. I’ve also been drawing a little bit and calling everyone in my phone because I have nothing else to do.

Fence ride at a timeless spot in Philly. Photo by Kevin Connors.