RideBMX.com and United Bike Co. are teaming up for an awesome online contest for a chance to win a United Parts package including a pair of Squad bars (7.75″ if you must know), a set of U Forks (14mm), a seat, and a backpack. And because we feel extra generous, we will also thrown in various t-shirts and videos we have laying around our warehouse. Basically, if you win, you are guaranteed to get a grip of amazing products in the mail!

What we are looking for is the best desktop wallpaper featuring a United rider. Your creative solution can include any or all of the team riders, the United logo, and/or any other United images you can come up with. Once you have completed your masterpiece, send it to us and we will judge them, then post the winner on RideBMX.com in a photo gallery with all the other entries.

Rules and Guidelines:
– Desktop wallpaper can be created using any medium imaginable, but must be submitted via digital file through e-mail.
– File dimensions must be 1024 x 768px. (*See below if you don’t know what this means or how to do it.)
– Only one entry per person.
– Each entry must contain something to do with United. It can show a team rider, the United logo, images of their products…whatever. You can cut stuff out of magazines, steal images off the Interweb, mold things out of Play-Doh… Use your imagination!
– Contest open to anyone and everyone, no matter where you live, how high you can bunnyhop, or what your dietary habits are.
– Entries must be submitted by November 14, 2007. Winners will be posted the following week on RideBMX.com. The winner will be contacted via email.
– Email submissions to [email protected]

United team riders:
Corey Martinez, Kye Forte, Ricky Feather, Caleb Kilby, Leo Forte, Ryan Metro, Robin Fenlon, Nathan Williams, Theo Simpson, Steve Debusk, Geoff Slattery, Ryan Quinones, Ian Morris, Dean Hearne, and Peter Adam

*1024 x 768px refers to the dimensions of the document as measured in pixels. (One pixel is one dot on your computer screen. The typical computer monitor is 1024 x 768 pixels, which is why we use those dimensions for desktop backgrounds.) In a program like Photoshop, which is probably the most common program used for making such images, click “File” > “New”, then set the document dimensions to 1024 (wide) by 768 (tall). Piece of cake.

If you have questions about the contest, send them to [email protected]

Submissions will be governed by our Terms of Service.