Brian, his bike, and his bag.  credit: Fat Tony

“After traveling for many years I’ve learned there are many things you need to bring on a BMX trip. There are also a whole other category of things you don’t need to bring and some that you “might” need to bring. Here’s a few travel items I brought this time, most of them are pretty standard anytime I go on a trip. I usually pack my bike up in a hockey bag because it’s big, doesn’t get charged a fee too often, and has wheels for easy transport. I also like to think it makes me look tough—no one wants to mess with a hockey player, right?”
— Brian Kachinsky

…the travel essentials.  credit: Fat Tony

Here is the breakdown…
“I almost always bring a decent sized backpack as carry-on luggage. That way you can bring some stuff to entertain you and if your bags get lost, at least you didn’t lose everything! I always carry-on anything with a lot of value like cameras, laptop, iPod, etc.”

Knee Brace: “This has been my saving grace since I had my last ACL surgery back in December. I hope I don’t have to wear it forever but I don’t mind it too much. It’s custom fit and allows me to ride without worrying about my knee all the time. (Thanks CTI!)”

Book: “I usually bring a book to read on flights or during down time. I like books that pertain to my life, either directly or indirectly. I’m in the middle of reading a Lance Armstrong book called “It’s not about the bike”. It’s about his life and battle with cancer. It directly relates to my personal life right now and makes things a bit easier to deal with and understand. I didn’t really like reading until college, but I’m into it nowadays. Reading some good books and having them dissected by a good professor was the turning point for me.”

Sleeping Mask: “I got this free from British Airways on my flight home from Rebeljam last week. It worked like a charm and looks cool too! I sometimes just wear it around my neck during the day for style points or an impromptu nap time. I wonder if they make diamond studded ones?”

Pack of New Gloves: “Sometimes you gotta double-up!”

Soiled Towel: “I usually like to bring a towel when staying at someone’s house so I don’t have to bother them for one. This trip I used it to clean the grease off my hub and chain. Can I borrow a towel, Fudger?”

Video Camera: “Just in case you feel like getting rad.”

Digital Camera & Tripod: “My one suggestion to people who just start traveling is to take pictures! I never took pictures when I first started traveling a lot and I wish I had. I look back on pictures from trips and for five minutes I feel like I’m on the trip again! A picture is worth a thousand words and usually a thousand laughs! The gorillapod (bendy tripod thing) is amazing too. Small, cheap and fun! You can hang your camera from a tree, a rock or even Bigfoot’s beard!”

iPod: “Because you never know when you might get a seat next to a screaming baby…”

Random Wrench and Spare Tube: “The DK Random Wrench is the only tool I need to assemble/disassemble my bike and an extra tube is always handy because when you don’t have one you WILL get a flat.”