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It was a long week of bad weather and speculation if the final stop of the Toyota BMX Triples would be able to go down in Arlington, Texas. Practice and qualifying were set to go down on Friday afternoon, but high winds and cold temps kept the sessions mellow and pushed qualifying to the next day. When everyone woke up Saturday, it was fully raining but expected to stop by noon. Miraculously, the sun came out and the build crew got their hustle on to get the course ready to ride. The practice session was fast and loose, with most of the riders only getting a handful of runs in before qualifying. But when it came time to get down to business, everyone showed up and showed out. When all was said and done, David Godizek took the win for the stop and the overall series, and Jake Leiva taking best trick and second in the series. With so many good riders in these three contests, the level of riding was unreal and did well to push the limits of what’s possible on dirt these days.

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