2015 blessed us with a wide array of madness, so we figured it might be fitting to take a look back on some of the crazier moves of the year. From quad flips to nose manual kickflip barspins, the big moves only got bigger, and the tech only became more technical. Scroll down and peep fifteen of the wildest moves 2015 had to offer.

Ricky Catanzariti – Manual to Nose Manual to Barspin Crankflip

As crazy as a kick flip barspin is on its own, it's no new move to 2015.  But despite the kick flip barspin's ABD status, seeing it come flying out of a nose manual was entirely unexpected and more than likely an NBD.  Where will Ricky Catanzariti take this trick in 2016?  Only time will tell. 0:30

Eli Taylor – Half Cab Off Roof

This may have been one of the most dead man clips I saw all year, and it made for a seriously wild intro. Eli Taylor threw himself off a massive roof to flat no less than nine times, taking some serious impacts and folding his wheel in half in the process…but like the superhuman that he is, Eli stomped that shit clean.

Morgan Wade – Flair to Wallride

This wasn't the first flair to wall that's ever been done, but it was however the first on a legit set up. Morgan fired this bad boy out while doing Bikes Over Baghdad shows for the troops, if that's not some true love for the USA, I don't know what is!

Morgan Wade with an insane flair to wallride on a DK Complete bike on the Bikes Over Baghdad trip

Max Bespaliy – Rail Ride Gap Rail Ride

Max Bespaliy stunned the entire BMX community with this insane tire ride gap tire ride. Through the years we've seen some crazy rail to rail grind gaps, but Max Bespaliy may have outdone them all with this feat of precision and balance…4:00

Matt Ray – 540 Bar Down Stairs
We've all been waiting for this one, and in 2015 it finally came our way. Matt Ray wrapped up his "Welcome to Skeleton Crew" edit for Subrosa with a 540 bar down a four block and simultaneously knocked out a big 'ol NBD. 2:34

Simone Barraco – Crank Hard 180

This is another move that's ABD but still such a rare gem that when it comes around, you have no choice but to take notice. In the midst of a heated rail session during the Nike teams trip to Spain, Simone stomped out quite possibly the most official crank arm to hard 180 BMX has ever seen. 3:07

Nick Bruce – Flair Windshield Wiper

Nick Bruce stomped the worlds first Flair Windshield Wiper at The Kitchen Skatepark during a Recon Tour stop this year and whipped his way into our top 10 tricks. I was lucky enough to see one these go down at FISE in Montpellier and it may be literally one of the wildest things I've ever seen done on a bike. I think we can all wrap our heads around flair whips, but a flair whip to downside whip back? That's precision on a whole different level…

Broc Raiford – Pegs Hard 540

With pegs hard 360's becoming more and more of a norm these days, BMX has eagerly been awaiting the advent of the pegs hard 540, and this year Broc Raiford delivered it to us in his Volume "The Finer Things" section. Using the street box jump aka an up-rail, Broc crushed one hell of an NBD. But the only question on my mind now is, who's going to toss the first hard 540 bar? 6:40

Tyler Fernengel – Silverdome Truckdriver

This may have been the most "BMX" shit to go down all year. From riding an abandoned football stadium, to sending a 23 foot gap with a sketchy roll out FIVE TIMES, Tyler blew the lid off what was easily one the biggest truck drivers of the year. 2:31

Trey Jones – Tuck to Firecracker

Fuck. My palms get sweaty just watching this one…Prior to his Shadow "What Could Go Wrong" section, I put Trey Jones as one of the firecrackers most forefront proponents and after watching his part; it's safe to say he holds the crown. A firecracker into a set that big is no joke, but to tuck into it? That is some seriously bold shit. Props to Trey for ripping that shit with a smile on his face…This footage isn’t currently online but it was too gnarly to keep off the list, go buy the DVD!


Garrett Reynolds – 180 Backlash Cab Switch Pegs

I'm certain I'd never seen a backlash cab to switch pegs let alone a 180 bar in…Garrett astonished us all with his Red Bull section this year and the icing on the cake was this nug of straight up street progression. 2:55

Jed Mildon – Quadruple Flip

Growing up as a kid, the double flip was easily the most infamous trick in BMX. Jay Miron pulled the worlds first on live TV in 1997, and it's mind boggling to think that this year Jed Mildon doubled that with a quad flip. Everything from the trajectory, to how fast he was ripping at the ramp is fucking crazy. He must have rotated the first flip in a half second…What madness will Jed and Nitro Circus have for us in 2016? 1:27

Colin Varanyak – Feeble 180 Backwards Pegs to Bar

I'd heard rumblings of how crazy Colin's banger of The Animal House video was, but it wasn't until a small viewing with the Chocolate Truck crew on the night of the premier that I saw it for myself. The video ended and someone yelled out jokingly, "Why even barspin out?!", which I think puts in perspective just how fucking crazy this trick is. Feeble to easy 180 across a sidewalk block gap to a backwards pegs on a parallel rail to bar off…The trick without the bar is pioneering to say the least, and the set up is something to be marveled at on its own, but when you're as talented as Colin Varanyak is on a bike, putting the cherry on top is what it's all about. 16:45

Zack Gerber – Frontflip Gap

Zack Gerber may very well be the only person pushing the limits of the front flip on street. we've seen some gnarly ones from him already, but surely none as crazy as his Daily Grind DVD ender. The set up itself doesn't even seem real, Nate Wessel was the first to lay claim on this beast and gapped it for a sequence which appeared in an early issue of RideBMX Magazine. But Gerber really raised the bar on this one…He pedaled so fast at the gap that he nearly cleared the entire landing…this is hands down the gnarliest front flip ever done on street and I don't see anyone in the running to take that title anytime soon… 4:49

Drew Bezanson – Uncontainable Curved Wallride

Drew's entire Uncontainable part was straight up jaw dropping, but it all led up to one truly unreal last clip, a curved wallride atop four shipping containers totaling in 34.5 feet. At this point in his riding career, Drew may already have the curved wall down to a science, but that doesn't do a damn thing to discredit him bringing that trick to such a high-stakes venue. Seeing the wall shake from Drew's impact is enough to get your own adrenaline kicking in, and the celebratory icepick is bound to put a smile on your face. Conventional sized ramps are not big enough to handle Drew's riding, and apparently, neither were these. 2:00