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Top Threes With Nick Barrett

From the days of Robbie Morales, Butcher, Pat Juliff and the like, I’ve always been psyched on dudes my size not letting their stature limit their ability to ride a bike. Fast forward a decade or two and there’s a new kid on the 250lb. block. I got put on to Nick Barrett from the first Chocolate Truck video and almost as quickly as a started bobbing my head to the song, I had a new favorite rider in the XXL club. It wasn’t just his riding though. There was something about the juxtaposition of light-hearted exuberance in the mean streets of Philly that really showed through in his CT part. While most people might be more, “fuck you, what are you looking at?”, Nick is letting your little brother ride his bike and walking your grandmother down the stairs. After spending some time with him when he passed through Austin recently, it became clear that this was no nice guy act. You can tell that kindness, positivity, integrity & self-improvement make Nick who he is and are undoubtedly the forces driving him forward. But don’t get it twisted, he’ll still bust your ass if you’re talkin’ shit.

Get to know Nick Barrett in the latest edition of Top Threes…

Pedaling through traffic in Austin.

Favorite riders growing up:
Dave Belcher, Tom White, Kevin Vannauker, Edwin Delarosa, Anthony BOY Flores, Jackson Ratima, Davey Watson.. I can go on

Videos that make you wanna go ride:
Animal Can I Eat, Left Right, Insight, Criminal Mischief, Dollar Bet, Lotek Vancouver, Fit Barcelona

Feeble around the curve at a staple Austin spot.

Stickers on your bike right now:
FRKO, Canada Dry ginger ale, Chocolate Truck, Animal, Cult, A town Trash, Jib, University police no trespass, celladoors, an BerksSt

Reasons for shooting film:
Matt Miller and Scott Marceau got me into it, I like prints and the fact that you’ll have that photo forever

Catching some clips for Choco Truck 2 with the trusty VX.

Top three moments from CT1:
watching Brendan Reith handle large kink rails, traveling to Boston in my first car, filming crackheads reactions to friends landing tricks

Top three moments from CT2:
watching everyone progress thru clips over the years, flirting with Ebony women in west Philly, riding deep into Philadelphia finding new shit to film.

Hefty dubs in the projects with an angry manager and maintenance guy hot on his heels.

Places you’ve stopped on your cross country trip:
Richmond VA, Atlanta GA, Baton Rouge, Austin TX, Dallas TX, Albuquerque NM An to Arizona. The south is my favorite.

Wildest things that have happened with FRKO:
walking to the Jamaican food spot and having multiple people wave at him like he the mayor, getting 8 of us white boys into a strip club after a long day of riding in ballet shorts. Watching him mix Seagrams gin with his rum.

This dude was bummed.

Scariest moments / tricks that scared you:
I had a pistol pulled on me while filming with John Schimph an his video Jib, some drunk pissed of guy, A threaded barbed wire hop gap scared me in the soul while filming.

Reasons for moving to AZ:
I moved out with an awesome opportunity to move in with Robbie Owen and start work with him, I’m a family man don’t get it twisted. Money saved is gon to my moms for a brighter future. Love an respect to all.

Brendan Reith & Nick, chillin at one of Austin’s project spots

While we wait paitently for Chocolate Truck 2, have another look at Nick’s part in the first video:

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