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Top Threes With Hobie Doan

Hobie Doan came to Austin with the intent of staying a few weeks to film for the upcoming S&M DVD, but a few weeks turned into a month and a month turned into two like nothing. From the spots to the scenery to the nightlife, Hobie took it all in to the fullest and had himself a nice little winter vacation. After all was said and done, we asked Hobie about his time here, his favorite riders growing up, the worst things about filming with Charlie Crumlish and more in the first edition of Ride’s Top Threes.

Favorite Riders Growing Up:
Growing up I liked to watch dudes like Chester Blacksmith, MAC, Burns, Corey Martinez and other gnarly fuckers riding but always appreciated all types of riding when I watched a video. Mostly stuck to looking up to my local dudes like Kevin Staninger and Will Gurney ( who still to this day laces all my wheels).

Videos You Grew Up Watching:
I watched Kink “Safety First”, Anthem 2, Animal “Price Is Wrong” and Talk Is Cheap a shit load. I’m sure I had a few others but those are the ones I remember most. Usually the homies were the ones loaded with videos, I never really ordered anything or had a dialed TV set up.

Web Videos From 2016:
2016 web videos were all fucked. Ty killed it and definitely dropped the banger for the year but overall dudes are ruthless these days. I’m horrible with names but respect all the dudes sending themselves and dropping constant content.

Favorite Type Of Street Setup:
I guess just a nice 10 or so stair handrail. Something fun to go down but also good to launch up. I don’t get too crazy. I really like jumping shit too so any sort of fun hit I can find always brings a big smile as well.

Ice over nose bonk in Austin, TX.

Skateparks In Oregon:
Oregon skateparks are something else. There are the most amazing parks here, that dudes come from all over to destroy but also somewhere you roll up just laughing like damn someone gave the wrong tweaker some concrete and he just sent it. I love riding tranny, I don’t ride big shit but If I find something I like, going fast and pulling back is all I want to do. I grew up on two perfect six foot coping to coping hips and it’s always been my favorite thing to ride at the Roseburg Oregon park. (Hometown)

Best Things About Austin
1- how it’s fucking 60 in December and January, somehow I’m out biking in shorts and a t-shirt IN JANUARY. Like what?
2- city is killer, fun shit to ride all over, amazing taco trucks and homies to enjoy it all with.
3- nightlife, I haven’t partied like I partied in Austin ever before. 6th street is insane, never experienced anything like it. Sidebar is the spot, lots of bmx love. Cool chicks all over the city, learned a lot about myself going out in Austin. Best part was I had homies to enjoy everything the night had to offer with.

Places You Ate While You Were There:
Damn near all I ate was Mexican food. Fell in love with el pastor and had the most fire spots right next to the house. One was fully surrounded with bars and looked like it was closed for years and another little truck that sold half a chicken for 9 bucks. Came with like 20 tortillas and all the fixings. Enough food for 2 damn days. Best chicken I’ve ever had too.

Worst Things About Filming With Charlie:
1- he is on some crazy shit man, always with the “20 minutes” shit then 2 hours goes by and he says 20 again. Charlie time is something else.
2- any time he wants his way he creates some crazy situation to make it happen or starts shooting off a series of fast ass sentences trying to justify some shit without any breaks or anything tell it works out.
3- witty som bitch. Charlie has an amazing way with words, he can flip anything around where you’re almost questioning yourself then you realize what the fucker is up too and snap back but he is just too clever. Helps him get away with his mischievous ways

Best Things About Filming With Charlie:
1- this fool truly is an amazing filmer and editor. Always trying to make good videos that people remember
2- he doesn’t push filming, super observant and helps point out reasons why things will or won’t work, encouraging when it’s something that can happen but is intimidating.
3- we love consuming marijuana cigarettes just about as much as each other

Rail ride 180 in Austin, TX.

While we patiently wait to see what’s sure to be a bangin’ section in the S&M DVD, have another look at Hobie’s recent Am Spotlight video…