Considering that Chad Kagy has been laid up with a broken neck for a few months, I decided that we should do one another a favor.I would give him something to do and, in turn, he would help me with a web story. What we have here is a perfect match. So, without further ado, here are Chad Kagy’s favorites.


1. Flowing smooth (not really a trick, but it’s cool).
2. Invert.
3. 360.
4. Double tailwhip.
5. Flipwhip.


1. Home.
2. Italy.
3. Gold Coast in Australia.
4. London.
5. Norcal.

Riders of All Time:

1. Jimmy Garcia.
2. Jaimie Roy.
3. Scott Kagy (all of the above guys influenced me long before I picked up a magazine).
4. Mat Hoffman.
5. Dave Voleker.

Riders Right Now:

1. Ryan Nyquist.
2. Ryan Guettler.
3. Jamie Bestwick.
4. Morgan Wade.
5. Gary Young.

Video Parts:

1. Corey Martinez in Square One.
2. Joey Garcia in Schwinn/American Muscle.
3. Taj Mihelich in Mad Matt .
4. Taj Mihelich in the UGP video.
5. ?

Kagy, long before the double flip gone wrong.  credit: Mark Losey


1. Ride On.
2. Head First.
3. Square One, Wide Awake Nightmare.
4. Props, Road Fools 1.
5. Scum Clothing, 1201.

Photos in Magazines:

1. Josh Heino, on the Weiner Schnitzel.
2. Joey Garcia, tailwhip with bars backwards.
3. Mat Hoffman, superman fakie on vert.
4. Bestwick, flairwhip.
5. Osato, tailwhip to manual to tailwhip back in.

Photos Printed of Yourself in Mags:

1. First full page in Ride, superman seatgrab barspin (I looked mean).
2. I don’t know what other ones. I’ve liked all my covers and I’m up to four now so that makes five pictures, I guess.
3. The shot I didn’t like is the one of me out cold at X Games this year on street. I hate getting knocked out.


1. Street Trucks.
2. Easy Rider.
3. MacWorld.
4. Outdoor Photographer.
5. Stuff.

Electronic Gadgets:

1. Powerbook.
2. I-Mac.
3. I-Pod.
4. Canon s45 camera.
5. Epson 2200 photo printer.

Toys as a Kid:

1. Big Wheel.
2. Legos.
3. Original metal Tonka trucks, my favorite was the bulldozer.
4. Nintendo with Excite Bike.
5. Shovel cut in half to fit me.

Toys Right Now:

1. Canon film camera.
2. My Mac’s.
3. The Chopper (motorcycle).
4. Dewald Skill saw.
5. And the best toy ever…my bike.


1. Filet Mignon.
2. Ahi Tuna.
3. Italian.
4. Mexican.
5. Sushi.

Superman seatgrab at his 6th favorite contest, the X Games.  credit: Mark Losey


1. Mountain Dew (I think I’m supposed to say that).
2. Aquafina essentials flavored water.
3. Clear strawberry Gatorade.
4. IBC Rootbeer.
5. Sierra Mist.


1. Woodward.
2. San Jose Ramp Club (RIP).
3. Bristol Sk8 N’ Ride.
4. any Vegas Concrete.
5. Albuquerque concrete.

Street Spots:

1. London.
2. Syracuse N.Y. at the college.
3. Austin.
4. San Jose.
5. Sacramento.


1. SJ Ramp Club.
2. Nor Cal Comps.
3. Roots.
4. CFB.
5. The Worlds.
6. X-Games.


1. Black Sabbath.
2. Johnny Cash.
3. Pennywise.
4. Old Metallica.
5. Simple Plan.


3. Joey Garcia’s site rules, but I’m not telling you what it is.


1. World GP motorcycle racing.
2. World Rally.

TV Shows:

1. CSI.
2. Simpsons.
3. Survivor (I’ve been sucked into it).
4. Futurama.
5. Live with Regis and Kelly (Before you go passing judgment on my choice of shows, spend two months in a neck brace stuck inside laying down. Daytime T.V. sucks and repeats itself everyday).

Old Cars/Trucks:

1. ’59 Chevy El Camino.
2. ’51 Merc.
3. ’66 Chevelle.
4. ’67 Fleetside Chevy truck.
5. ’50-’51 bullet nose Studebaker.

New Cars/Trucks:

1. Chevy SS truck.
2. GMC 2500HD Duramax pickup.
3. BMW 325xi.
4. That 450HP Porsche SUV is cool.
5. Dodge Viper.

Video Games:

1. Metal Gear Solid 2.
2. Gran Tourismo 3.
3. Original Tony Hawk.
4. ATV Off Road Fury 2.
5. Mat Hoffman 2.

Combining his two favorite tricks together at the Gravity Games vert contest.  credit: Mark Losey


1. Edward Norton.
2. Robert DeNiro.
3. Natalie Portman.
4. Russell Crow.
5. Mel Gibson in Mad Max.

Stores to Buy Stuff at:

1. Best Buy.
2. Target.
3. Lowes.
4. Apple.
5. Barnes & Noble (those places cover about everything in life).

Questions Kids Ask:

1. Do you know Mat Hoffman? Response: No (that one ruled when I rode for HB).
3. How much did that bike cost? Response: I don’t know, I just borrowed it.
4. Can you do anything cool? Response: No.
5. Are you sponsored or a pro cause you’re kinda good? Response: Wow, you can get sponsored for riding a bike?
6. Kid: Ryan! Ryan, RRRRYYYYAAANNN NYQUIST! Can I have your bike? Response: If I’m Ryan, who is that guy over there in the blue helmet, white shirt and blue jeans like me? Kid: Oh, well then who are you and can I have your bike? Response: No.


1. Anything by Dean Koontz.
2. All the Harry Potter books.
3. Anything by John Grisham.
4. Galen Rowell’s photography books.
5. Shell Silverstein’s “Where The Sidewalk Ends.”