Top 20 Most Popular Riders Of 2011

For this year-end countdown we found out who our readers here at were searching for on the site all year and came up with the top 20 most popular riders of 2011. Check out some of the best videos and photos of the year of each rider as you click through to see who made the list…

Click the page numbers at the bottom of each page to click through the riders in our countdown...

1. Tom Dugan

Dang Dang boosting a X-up. Photo by Fat.

2. Garrett Reynolds

Garrett Reynolds throwing the b's out of a nollie to flat. Click for full size desktop wallpaper. Photo by Fudger.

3. Chase Hawk

Chase Hawk blastin a 360 tabes. Photo by Jeff Z.

4. Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross locks in a tooth mid-180. Click for full size desktop wallpaper. Photo by Jeff Z.

5. Chad Kerley

Chad Kerley kicking a whip over a roof gap. Photo by Fat.

6. Ty Morrow

Ty Morrow winning the bunnyhop contest at the 2011 Simpel Session. Photo by Fat.

7. Dakota Roche

Dakota Roche hanging over a toothipck grind. Click for full size desktop wallpaper. Photo by Jeff Z.

8. Harry Main

Harry Main stalling out a clicked invert. Photo by Fat.

9. Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams firing out a switch whip over the famous L.A. white banks gap. Photo by Fudger.

10. Sean Ricany

Sean Ricany sliding a crooked grind. Photo by Fudger.

Here are the remaining 10 to round out the top 20 most popular BMX riders from 2010 on
11. Mark Webb
12. Trey Jones
13. Nigel Sylvester
14. Pat Casey
15. Drew Bezanson
16. Dennis Enarson
17. Sean Sexton
18. Bruno Hofmann
19. Dan Lacey
20. Chase DeHart

As a refresher, take a look back at who made it to our top 20 most popular riders last year in 2010