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By Tony Neyer.

Let’s talk about life flashing before your eyes…
On Labor Day I decided to head over to a local grade school that was closeddown for the holiday to hit a gap that I’ve been eyeing up for awhile. Dug Horton, Travis Keisow, and John “Bernie” Dixon were thereto film and shoot everything. Dug and I got up on the gravel and tarcovered roof with little problems, and I started pedaling towards the gap onthe sketchy runway. The roof also had a an exposed piece of aluminumthat went around the edge that I had to keep in mind. Between thealarming runway and the exposed edge of the metal roof, I was a littlesketched out but I assumed it was just a mental thing and decided togo for it. I pedaled as fast as I could, and as I jumped off the roof,my rear tire bonked the exposed metal. This sent me straight into atabletop position, which was especially scary, considering I didn’tmean to do it. As I was coming down, I got out of the tabletop but Iwas still a little sideways. When I landed, my foot slipped, and oneside of my bars went straight into the concrete, and the other decidedto go straight into my groin. Passing just under a main artery in myleg, the bars lodged them selves two inches into my thigh. My bodycontinued to keep rolling after the bars punctured my thigh, andeventually my bike managed to throw itself away from me. As soon as Istopped moving I could feel blood coming out of me, and I knew I washurt. Travis was the closest to the landing, and made his way to mefirst. Dug and Bernie quickly followed, and one of the three guys hadto call the paramedics due to the amount of blood I was losing.

Tony, look what a bloody mess you have made all over the pavement. Filthy kid. Cell phone shot by Dug Horton.

From what I remember, it took about fifteen to twenty minutes for themto get to the scene. Once I was at the hospital they did a catscan andan ultrasound to make sure organs weren’t damaged. After that, Iimmediately went into surgery. In the end, I wound up with twenty-twostitches, nine staples, and a hospital visit of something likethirty-six hours. The doctor told me the handle bars ended up goingfive inches into my body during all the tumbling and rolling. I’mstill having issues walking, until that gets back to normal I’mchilling in front the the X-Box and spending too much time on theinternet. This is definitely upping my OT.

Tony using his downtime to check MySpace. Photo by John Dixon.