Empire BMX: Tony Cardona 2012

Tony Cardona and Devon Hutchins teamed up for the last few months, visiting the streets, concrete, and dirt of Austin and San Antonio.  Some nagging injuries and other circumstances kept Tony from filming a full part for our forthcoming "Bad Idea" DVD, so he wanted to lay it down hard for this edit.  Give Tony a purpose and it is ON, as I think you'll see when you watch this.  We're proud to present this video to you, love and respect to Tony and Devon for their hard work.  Enjoy! - Thomas Williams, Empire BMX

At his peak in the limelight of BMX, Tony had signature frames through two different companies, standout parts in the Empire’s Chill Bro and S&M’s I Wanna Live DVDs, and an interview in this magazine among contest appearances and more. Slowly, injuries slowly forced Tony out of the public eye and eventually to the point that an iPhone edit shot by a then-girlfriend were all the BMX world really saw Cardona. Tony certainly made it to the point with injuries and sponsor losses could make a person fed up and walk away from it all. Looking at the circumstances in which this video was filmed in that regard, it’s especially awesome seeing someone with a true talent enjoying doing what they do best. This section from Tony and Devon really demonstrates that.

Being down in Austin and witnessing some of the filming of this video, it seemed like Tony was enjoying the hell out of his time on his bike and the edit is proof. There are multiple clips filled with laughs at the end in a “I’m so f***ing psyched I rolled away from that” manner and smiles throughout. The riding is insane as well-almost everything in here is gnarly in its own right and there’s no filler as far as riding goes. With this much effort being put into a single edit, some might imagine it could come with motives to regain sponsors-but Tony really just seemed to be into it just to kill it in general and have some fun. I asked Tom about what he feels is driving Tony to go apeshit on his bike as of late:

“I think his main motivation is to just find peace in his own mind.  He's gone through some tough times, and riding his bike takes him to a place where he can forget his problems and enjoy chillin' with the homies.  I don't think he really cares about being a professional BMX rider at this point, whatever that really means these days, though he wouldn't be offended by any offers that might come his way, ha ha.  He just wants Blaze (his dog) at his side, the wind in his hair, and a smile on his face.” - Tom