If you had to chop off two of your fingers on one of your hands, which three would you keep? I’d really like to keep my thumb, but I’d probably sacrifice it to keep my pointer, my pinky, and my middle finger.With those three I could still throw Slayers and give people the finger. I imagine Steve Crandall would choose the same.

Three reasons to start your own company:

1. So you don’t have to work for someone else
2. So you can do whatever you want
3. You can do things your own way

Three reasons not to start a company:

1. It’s a pain in the ass
2. Being involved in business with your friends is really difficult…and it’s a pain in the ass
3. It’s a lot of hard work

Three best companies in BMX:

2. T-1
3. Seventies

Crandall—hard at work in the office.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Three best things about this year’s Ghetto Street comp:

1. Getting to ride the course
2. Getting to watch people ride the course
3. Graffitting the ramps when we were done building them

Three reasons to sponsor someone:

1. ‘Cause they’re stoked on BMX
2. ‘Cause they’re cool people
3. To help people out that deserve it

Three reasons not to sponsor someone:

1. Bad attitudes
2. They don’t contribute anything to the sport
3. They think riding is the only important part of BMX

Three things you get out of drawing and painting:

1. Chicks
2. Money
3. Drugs (Actually, everything except the drugs, the money and the chicks!)

Three CDs to bring on a road trip:

1. Lucero
2. Black Sabbath
3. Neil Young

Three tricks that will stand the test of time:

1. Tabletops
3.Old-school no-handers

Layin’ it down at Baker’s Acres.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Three tricks that should disappear:

1. Flip-whips
2. The peg-bonk
3. Every trick should disappear!

Three things you want to do with FBM:

1. Have a good time
2. Make good bikes
3. Stick around for a while

Three things you’d like to do before the shit hits the fan:

1. Progress as a rider a little more
2. Help BMX have its own trade show
3. Sign a record deal for a rap contract. I want to be a rapper.

Three rapper names you’d consider:

1. Mike Chek
2. The White Eminem
3. Gusto

Three things you wished kids wouldn’t ask you:

1. What do I have to do to get sponsored?
2. Warranty questions
3. Do you ride?

Three things people would be surprised to know about you:

1. That I’m into doing art
2. That I’ve been wearing a bike chain bracelet since I was fourteen and I’ve only taken it off twice (the same goes for Gilly {Jeremy “Magilla” Reiss}).3. That I’ve been riding with Kelly {Baker}, Gilly, and {Mike} Tag since 1988.

Three people you’d like to give thanks to:

1. Mike Erb and FBM
2. My family
3. Wilber Barrick