There are certain dudes you just end up crossing paths with a bunch in BMX for one reason or another. Contests, random road trips, whatever the reason may be, there are faces that are constantly reappearing in your life if you stick around BMX for a minute. For me, Chad Kerley and Timmy Theus are two of these guys. We worked with Chad on his own contest in May (remember the Chad Kerley Invitational?) and filmed a few things at Timmy Theus’ local park, Wilson Skatepark in Chicago while out and about in the town. Fast forward a couple of months, and Timmy ends up (decently) close to Chad’s territory of San Diego, California, visiting the Golden State and filming a few things at the Transworld Skatepark in Carlsbad. Chad showed up with Christian Rigal to shoot something for the magazine and filmed some wild things while killing a bit of time letting Christian warm up. That being said, here is “Chicago to Carlsbad,” a video of two talented riders riding the same things in totally different ways.