A couple of weeks ago, Nate Moroshan brought over a ton of new Primo stuff for us to check out.If you’ve been creeping around on the Primo site you’ve probably seen some of it yourself. If not, consider this your invitation.

Seen this? Primo’s Balance rear wheel is now rocking an 8-tooth cassette! $225 ain’t cheap, but considering you’re getting the smallest driver made, plus Primo’s 7000 series rim (did we mention forged spokes?) it might just be worth it. The rim comes in black or chrome, and with 36 holes only.

Want just the Mix hub? Primo’s got you covered. Drop $155 and it’s all yours. It comes with a 14mm chromoly axle (if you got wads of cash and can’t stand the extra weight, step up to the titanium axle version).

Primo Crescent grips come in black/black, black/white, and black/green (sorry, didn’t have a pair of those to shoot). They retail for $10, and will last longer than just about anything else you’d spend $10 bucks on.

Running that 8-tooth driver? Then you’re going to need something smaller than a 25 up front. Drop another $46 and this 23-tooth Analog LT sprocket will give you the smallest drive train known to man. Ounce-counters will be sweating you hard over this thing…

Stoked on Wiz? We are too; and not just because he’s a hell of a street rider, but because his name’s attached to a great set of grips. If you like ’em thin, these are for you. Black or white only, and $10 out-of-pocket will get these on your ride.

Need some new shirts? From left to right: Creature, Fu-Dog, and Argile, each $20 and available in adult sizes small through extra-large. Keep scrolling down for a closer look…

The Argile comes in this Camel color (it’s sort of a brownish tan deal). Ignore the swirly patterns on the shirt; that’s just my camera being weird.

The Creature comes in black only.

Apparently this is a Fu-Dog. It comes in light blue only (so the actual shirt will probably be just a little lighter than this photo – like I said, my camera’s weird).

Want a closer look at any of the above? Click www.primo-usa.com for more info, and to see what’s up with anything else Primo makes.