The Friday Interview: Simone Barraco

Simply put, Simone Barraco blew the hell up over the past year or so. After making a huge splash internationally with an incredible split section with Nike teammate Stefan Lantschner and multiple other amazing edits, Barraco quickly earned himself spots on the Subrosa and Shadow pro teams and today, has signature products in the works from both companies. Simone is on fire lately, spending plenty of time filming in the States, still producing amazing edits, and is visibly having a blast living life and riding his bike. With this being Simone’s first X-Games invitation and appearance, I spent some time talking with the talented young Italian to get some details on the contest, his signature products through Subrosa and Shadow, and more.

Simone pops a hop whip over the chain. Photo: Brady

This is your first X-Games invite. What’s that like for you?
I’m really excited. I think it’s going to be so much fun; I’m having so much fun. Everyone kills it.

What do you think of the street course?
The street course is amazing, it’s really fun. Everyone on the list is really good, so it’s really fun riding and watching them kill it.

What’s your favorite obstacle out there?
The handrails are really good…the little picnic table…the chain…everything’s fun. We don’t have skateparks like this in Italy.

Who are you stoked on watching on the street course and park course?
Everyone. Now that I know them; we are friends, it’s even better. Riding with them; it’s cool.

You just got on Red Bull-how did that deal come about with you?
I guess they were talking about getting a rider in Italy around a year ago, but they never really called me, but I’d heard about it. About a month ago, they asked to meet with me when I was in Italy. So I just met them and it worked out. I’m stoked. We’re going to do something cool together.

Do you have any solid plans right now, or is it all up in the air?
Not really. I just started thinking about something that we do. You know how Red Bull does athlete projects? I’m just starting to think about that. We don’t have many street riders, so hopefully we can do something cool.

You’ve been spending a lot of time over in America lately. Where have you been and what have you been up to?
Since Simpel Session, I flew to Florida and I’ve been in America for a month and twenty days. I filmed for a DVD, some web edits and stuff and it was so much fun. After that, I had four weeks at home and then I came here. I go back after this, back to Italy.

Simone taking a break on the street course.

In Florida, you worked on your signature frame from Subrosa, correct? Can you give any details on it?
I’m really happy. I’m riding the prototype; they’re still working on it at Subrosa because we just started but I’m really stoked. The graphics too, I’m really stoked on the graphics. I’m really happy with it.

What’s the geometry looking like on it?
It’s hard to do something new because frames are really good now, but I did a 21.125″ top tube so it’s good for tall guys and for street riding. It’s got a nine inch standover; I like it.

What’s your signature seat all about?
Shadow does the seat with everyone on the team but with different design. Mine was tie dye. It wasn’t easy to do, but I think it came out pretty cool. It’s not like it’s a t-shirt but I think it looks pretty cool.

What are your future plans after X-Games?
Film for both DVDs; Shadow and Subrosa. With Shadow we just started, and I need to film more for Subrosa.

Do you know a timeframe for when your frame is supposed to come out?
Next year, because we just started work on the frame.

Last words?
I’m really stoked to be here to watch everything, not just to ride. Like the Hot Wheels loop, that thing looks crazy.