Odyssey’s 2012 Texas Toast Jam is less than a week away now and there’s plenty to do and plenty to see. From video premieres to team signings to the epic contest, there’s no shortage of rad things going down and we’ve got all of the information here, in one place. Read below to see who, what, when, and where all the action is happening. And if you still aren’t going, book a plane ticket, hop in your car, or stand on the side of the road with your thumb out and get down to Austin for Toast 2012–it’s sure to be an amazing few days. 

Pre Texas Toast Party with the girls of Yeah Zine.

Yeah Zine Video Premiere
October 11th, 9:00PM
Shakespeare’s on 6th betwen San Jacinto and Trinity
The girls of Yeah Zine are kicking off the festivities for the Texas Toast weekend a bit early and will be showing their roadtrip DVD at the infamous Shakespeare’s Pub in Austin. Angie Marino, Jessica Ausec, Lindsay Hale, Mini Park, and Nina Buitrago are the stars of this one and with $5 liquor pitchers available until they run out, it’s sure to be a loose start to a fun rest of the week. And, if you saw our photo gallery that Angie Marino sent through featuring some flicks from their trip, this is certain to be one of the best all girl videos yet.

Empire Team In Store Signing
October 12th, 4:30PM-6:30PM
6310 North Lamar
Friday will be almost as action packed as the rest of the week. Empire kicks things off in the afternoon with an in-store signing featuring most of their team riders. We hit up Empire to see just who might be there and got the following riders that they would assume will show up: Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Kevin Porter, Hanson Little, Joe Rich, Dylan Smith, Morgan Wade, Sean Sexton, Tom Dugan, and Chris Doyle. There’s also a chance that Danny Hickerson and Tom Smith will be on hand too, but time will tell. If you’re in the market for the ever popular Empire apparel, they’re well prepared and have a significant amount of clothing in stock in preparation for the increased BMX traffic through the city. Get into Empire from 4:30-6:30 PM to meet the crew, get a Bad Idea poster signed by the team and to support Austin’s finest BMX retailer.

Cult’s Talk is Cheap Video Premiere
October 12th, 8:00PM (all ages) 10:00PM (21+)
316 E 6th St.
One of 2012’s most anticipated BMX videos, Cult’s second DVD release Talk is Cheap will be premiering twice on Friday night. Featuring full parts from Austin’s very own Chase Hawk, Chase Dehart, Dakota Roche, Dave Krone, Sebastian Keep, Trey Jones, Bobby Simmons, Russell Barone, and Alex Kennedy, this will by Ryan Navazio’s last edit with the legendary VX camera series and we’re not alone in seeing Navaz’s (probably) last great SD classic. With a significant amount of time being spent filming in Austin, it’s pretty much the perfect place to watch this thing go down for the first time. Get to 6th Street in Austin, enjoy the flick, and party your ass off at Shakespeare’s Pub next door afterwards. With a performance by Philly Swain at midnight, Friday is guaranteed to be a wild one.

Sick box jump?! This is one of the elements of the Gauntlet of Death this year, as previewed on Odyssey’s Instagram.

Texas Toast, Day 1
Texas Toast kicks off on Saturday at 10:00AM with dirt practice followed by street practice at 11:00AM. Dirt and street are shaping up to be even better than last year, both with the number of contestants as well as the course design. 1:30PM marks the start of the Gauntlet of Death Challenge, which is guaranteed to be even more difficult and creative than last year’s course. Dirt qualifying starts at 2:30, with street qualifying ending the day after its start at 5:00PM. There’s some unlikely names on the dirt side of things which should be awesome to watch

10:00 AM Dirt practice opens
11:00 AM Street practice opens
1:30 PM Gauntlet of Death Challenge
2:30 PM Dirt qualifying
5:00 PM Street qualifying

The dirt course this year includes some wooden elements, as seen above in another stolen Instagram from Odyssey.

Official Texas Toast After Party
October 13th, 2012 at 10:00PM
1607 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701
The official Toast after party will premiere two videos Saturday night–one for The Hunt and another for a “Top Secret Surprise Super Epic Video.” We’ve heard what it is and it is every word of what the alias calls it. The Hunt is really good and there secret video is guaranteed to please any true rider. This is an all ages event and will start at 10:00PM at the Scholz Beer Garden. Mr. Darryl Nau is in charge of the after parties this year, and we hear that he knows a thing or two about facilitating a great time–make it to this one Saturday night.

Broc Raiford cleared 49 inches in the bunnyhop contest last year and will be back to defend last year’s win. Photo: Jeff Z.

Texas Toast Day 2
The bunny hop contest kicks things off on Sunday–a good way to loosen up the stiff and sore muscles from the day and evening prior. No word whether contestants will have to wear beards again like last year’s event, but it’s guaranteed to be entertaining either way. Last year saw an epic battle for bunny hop dominance between Gabe Brooks and the then relatively unknown Broc Raiford where Broc eventually cleared 49 inches–we’ll see how he fares defending his title in the first event of the day. Following the bunny hop contest is the Texas Round Up Pro Flat Finals, which will be held in a building on the event site and is reportedly top notch for flatlanders. This event is being organized and run by flat riders–great choice by Taj and Odyssey including this event in this year’s festivities. 2:00PM brings dirt finals followed by street finals at 4:00. There’s really not much that can be said to hype up these two events–just look at the rider lists below and get stoked. After street finals wrap up, the crowds are cut loose and find their own way to celebrate the end of the weekend–if they’re not too tired from all the action.

12:00 PM Bunny Hop Contest
1:00 PM Texas Round Up Pro Flat Finals
2:00 PM Dirt Finals
4:00 PM Street Finals

Other Notes from Odyssey:

  • There will be a $5 entry fee for spectators.
  • The site is CASH ONLY. Bring CASH with you. There will be assorted merch and food trucks on site.
  • Registration is closed. There will be NO on site registration for Dirt or Street.
  • Texas Toast is in a residential area, so please be kind and respectful of the neighbors (and all of us putting on the jam). Do NOT leave trash, be noisy or disrespectful in the surrounding areas outside of the jam.
  • Parking is limited. Please car pool, scoot, get dropped off or ride to the event if possible.

Official Rider List: Street
Broc Raiford
Geoff Slatery
Corey Martinez
Nathan Williams
Christian Rigal
Shane Weston
Devon Smillie
Gary Young
Tom Dugan
Matt Houck
Eric Lichtenberger
Ben Lewis
Shawn Mcintosh
Justin Simpson
Kyle Davenport
Kevin Porter
Jabari Winters
Tom Perry
Grant Germain
Gary Young
Dillion Lloyd
Greg Flag
Aaron Ross
Alex Magallan
Lee Dennis
Garrett Reeves
Jake Seeley
Cory Wiergowski
TJ Henderson
Mark Harrison
Ben Hittle
Dan Coller
Albert Mercado
Tony Hamlin
Sean Sexton
Rob Wise
Dakota Roche
Victor Salazar
Scotty Cranmer
Pat casey
Codey Levesque
Allistar Whitton
Ryan Guettler
Andy Martinez
Michael Woodby
Mikey Tyra
Nick Bullen
Trey Jones
Justin Spriet
Greg Illingworth
Ben Hennon
Erik Garza
Camilo Monsivaiz
Matt Closson
Michael Gray
Chase Hawk
Zach Warden

Official Rider List: Dirt
Broc Raiford
Dave Dillewaard
Geoff Slattery
Joe Alamo
Stefan Lanstchner
Kevin Kakkoff
Kevin Porter
Ruben Alcantara
Gary Young
Tom Dugan
Brian Foster
Clint Reynolds
Kyle Davenport
Matty Aquizap
James P. Nutter
Gary Young
Mark Harrison
Rick Moseley
Andrew Lazerdick
Chase Hawk
Victor Salazar
Paul Cvikevich
Frank Albino Gonzalez
Ryan Guettler
Scotty Cranmer
Cory Nastazio
Josh Harrignton
Allistar Whitton
Dakota Roche
Codey Levesque
Kyle Barnhart
Michael Woodby
Chris Doyle
Jamie Thayer
Dan Nielsen
Rob Darden
Billy Genett
Trey Jones
Justin Spriet
Greg Illingworth
Ben Hennon
Cristian Porras
Santiago Muñoz Lopez
Ross Lanier
Darin Read
Conor Mc Entire
Ryan Nyquist
Mark Potoczny
Ted Van Orman
Zach Warden