Dirt finals at the second annual Texas Toast Jam were heated this year. Dennis Enarson killed it all weekend long, qualifying first for finals and holding down the top slot at the end of the day. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Dennis is the best all around rider right now and the dirt course certainly meshed well with this riding style. Big, stylish moves on the step up box, quarter, and two jumps helped him take home the gold. It’s really incredible to know that Dennis has the ability to do a gymnastics-esque trick filled run, but chooses to combine more technical jumping tricks with a big jumping trick thrown in the mix.

Mark Mulville came in just behind Enarson and this result stoked a lot of fans out. Mark is about as into the trail scene as one can be, and proved that spins were not needed to podium at a dirt jumping contest. The Pittsburgh influence is strong in Mark and he dropped a thousand amazing combos with consistency in his runs, a nod to the jumping styles of Todd Walkowiak and Kris Bennett.

The first time I saw the S&M shield quarter pipe on the dirt course, I immediately thought of Ryan Nyquist doing wild 540 barspins on it-and so did a few other Austin-ites. Indeed, Nyquist threw down an insane 540 barspin on the quarter during finals-and then proceeded to the bottom of the course and polish off the run with a 720 barspin that was about as perfect as it could get. Nyquist is a legend of the sport and still pulls off moves on a regular basis that few are doing today-a fact that’s completely awesome to see.

Of course, there were a ton of other highlights as well. Austin’s favorite son, Chase Hawk killed the course with effortless, stylish lines and moves. Somehow, Chase has improved his 360 tables even more, flipping into the table and holding it as long as possible until landing. Though it’s a bit of his signature move lately, the rest of his moves were indicative of his high talent and skill level-stylish, blasted one footed opposite inverts on the ski jump and 360s on the long and low that few were tricking were equally as impressive. Fellow Texan Morgan Wade did some wild moves too-plenty of extended, no footed can can whips, a one handed tailwhip and an insane superman seat grab Indian that was about as proper as it gets. Anthony Napolitan killed it as well and proved his high talent at riding dirt with plenty of regular and opposite spins with lookback, turndown, and table variations in the mix. It was also awesome to see Corey Bohan back to his old self on the dirt circuit-you could tell he was having a blast and had a smile on his face the whole time while killing it. You also can’t forget about Brian Foster-he stayed true to the person he’s been his whole life (as evidenced by the BF-it documentary the night before) and laid waste to the dirt course with signature Blue Falcon style.

Check out the highlights above, and look for street highlights later today, as well as an overall event video in the near future. Thanks again to Taj Mihelich and everyone at Odyssey (and outside Odyssey) to make this good time happen.