I’ve always been a fan of raw clear-coated frames as well as T-1. Always been stoked on Hanson Little’s riding as well. This week’s Terrible One Freaky Friday is a perfect combo of the two—Hanson Little and his T-1 Barcode. Increase the stoke! —Keith

Hanson Little Barcode 2014

“Bikes are generally pretty cool. A Terrible One bike is uniquely awesome in how meaningful it is to own and ride. They're a testament to the staying power of simplicity and utility versus over-marketed gimmicks, and I've never met a T-1 owner that wasn't passionate about supporting the brand because its sole purpose has only ever been to uncompromisingly increase the stoke. It's not often so many principles and emotions get attached to a piece of metal. Thanks so much for all that you do for BMX T-1!” – Hanson Little