Ten Things To Do While You’re Off The BMX, With Morgan Wade

By Ryan Fudger

Morgan Wade just recently busted his collarbone on a 720. And, we mean no offense to Morgan, but he’s spent a lot of time on the DL (that’s the disabled list for all you non-little leaguers), so we figured there’d be no better person to ask what he does when he’s down and out. If anything, it’ll give him something to do for a few minutes…

So how’d you get hurt?
I was filming with Stew Johnson for the Etnies Video at the new concrete park in Allen, Texas. There’s a really good volcano there, and I wanted to 720 it for the vid. I figured, “I 720’d the volcano at the OKC park during the CFB last year with no problem, so why don’t I do this one?” I took a few practice runs at it and 360’d it, and that went well so I prepared to do the seven. Stew got the shot all lined up, set up all the cameras, and we were set to go. I dropped in, took a few cranks at it and started spinning. It definitely had me fooled, because I thought I had it nailed for sure! I was coming in good right up till the point when I found out that I was about five or six inches short. I cased, my front end dropped, it over rotated a bit, and I went O.T.B. straight to the flat bottom. I landed on my right shoulder, my head, and my hip really hard. It knocked me a bit silly for a minute or so and then I realized my collarbone was broken. I also have a nicely bruised hip, some strained neck muscles, and a raw spot about two or three inches in diameter on my side. I feel great!

How far along are you filming for the Etnies video? This injury balling you up pretty bad?
Well… I’m probably about a little under halfway done with my part. There is still a whole lot of stuff I want to do! I’m kinda bummed because right now is my down time before the contest season starts back up, and I was really hopping to get a lot filmed in this time. So yes it is balling me up a little bit, but I believe I’ve still got plenty of time to get the rest of my part together.

What’s been your worst injury?
It’s kind of a toss up between breaking my leg and completely dislocating my foot at the same time in 2001, and a recurring staph infection in my right knee over the last five years. The staph has almost killed me once; it put me in the hospital for just shy of a week, and the doc said I would have died if I’d waited another day to get it looked at… Staph is bad stuff, kids!

No offense, but you sort of fall down a lot. Do you think you’re tougher than the average person? Do you think you could beat up a grizzly bear?
None taken. I wouldn’t say that I’m necessarily tougher than the average person, but I do have a very high pain tolerance. I think the biggest key is knowing how to fall. As you’ve pointed out Ryan, I fall down a lot. Because I fall a lot, over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I know that sounds funny, but it’s true. The more you fall, you start to see it coming and learn how to prepare yourself for impact. I mean, there have been a few crashes that it seemed I shouldn’t have walked away from, but I did, and I believe I did because I knew how to fall. Well, and I believe that the lord was watching over me! I always seem to get hurt the worst on the crashes that I don’t see coming. This one for instance, I totally thought that I was going to pull the seven, but I didn’t see the case coming and I was catapulted to the ground so fast that I couldn’t prepare for it. Hence the broken clavicle… I’m not scared of no grizzly bear, I mean… I’m not afraid!

Last time we asked you what you’d do with a million dollars, you had a…creative answer. Now what would you do with a million dollars?
I’d give half of it to Natalie {his girl} so she could move to Texas and do whatever the heck she wants, and the other half, well… lets just say, keep the burning bags of dog poo coming!

Tenn things that’ll be taking up Morgan’s time in the next five weeks:

1. Text messaging Natalie…
2. Answering stupid emails…
3. Photoshopping pictures of certain people into incriminating evidence! Mu Hu Ha Ha!
4. Help my Mom out with her jewelry business…
5. Get hot sweet sympathy for all the babes that are hanging over me constantly!
6. Official Mutiny Bikes Business!
7. Official Etnies Business! It’s not your business yet! Haha!
8. I’ve been listening to a lot of music…
9. Rip DVDs onto my iPod for no real reason, because chances are I won’t really watch them that much, but I’ve got 60 gigs to fill and nothing better to do!
10. Go to absolutely ridiculous movies that start with the letter “V” and walk out because I’m completely offended at how much it slams America, Bush, and Christianity! So pissed I paid money to have someone take cheap chicken shit shots at me and my country! Grrrrr!

I’m really not sure if I’m disgusted by Morgan’s legs or just flat out confused as to why one of them is shaved.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

You sure are seeing a lot more of Morgan than you thought you ever would, aren’t you? Morgan’s insides.

Morgan spotted a grizzly bear swimming in this shallow Leavenworth, Washington, river and decided to show him who’s boss.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Have I put this photo on the Web site before? If so, take it. Tailwhip in Ashland, Oregon.  credit: Ryan Fudger