1. Because the amateur contest took place on Saturday and I was only there Sunday, I have only one thing to say about the amateur contest—wait, maybe I don’t even have that.

2. The jumps were a straight six pack, probably the most “run of the mill” setup that I’ve seen in a while. It did make for good tricks, though.

Thomas Hancock, 15 years old and doing turndown flips.  credit: Ryan Fudger

3. It seemed like a lot of guys were going down. It wasn’t uncommon for two or three guys to be no-shows in their heat due to injury.

4. Chipotle and RedBull sponsored the event, so that meant that my stomach was filled with burritos and caffeine the entire day.

5. When I described what happened at the contest to a friend I said the following, “Whitesnake probably had the best single run; backflip, tailwhip, then a perfect flip-whip. Oh wait, except for Nyquist’s backflip barspin, truckdriver, 720 run.” Nyquist is good and deserved to win.

HB local Midget Cory stretches over the last set as dude-bro number 4000 of the day walks into my shot.  credit: Ryan Fudger

6. Besides having to drive 193 miles round trip to go to the contest, I had to park over seven blocks away and lug all my photo equipment around the entire day.

7. Ricardo Laguna was super stoked to make the finals, but I think his jitters got to him. He wrecked in his first three runs, but came back in his fourth run to blast a huge no-footer.

8. I’m not sure if Ryan Guettler just didn’t like the HB crowd, but over the last set in one of his runs he decided to flip the crowd the bird—I think they cheered.

Shaun Butler 360 tables the last set.  credit: Ryan Fudger

9. A lot of HB locals whom you probably haven’t seen around for awhile were competing: Freddy Chulo, Shaun Butler, Midget Cory and Todd Lyons among others. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention Ryan Brennan, who was judging as well.

10. This may be a horrible contest report, but you can’t complain to me because I went ahead and filmed the finals in their entirety and split it into two different videos just for you. Check the link below.

Nokia Cour Tour One