The latest Road Fools is over, and here’s a sneak peek at the action.

This was the fourth time I’ve been invited on the travelling shred-mission know as Road Fools. For this round, everyone flew into Columbus, Ohio, and then we spent a week running from the rain, riding, filming, and laughing our heads off. It will be a while before the Road Fools story comes out in Ride, but here are some highlights and photos to give you a taste.

1. Since there was bad weather in Columbus we headed for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we stayed there for three days straight. I know that sounds a little strange, but when there is that much street to ride, you don’t leave until you’re done. We probably could have stayed another day or two to get even more stuff done had the rain not made us move on.

Seth Kimbrough, 270-tailtap-to-icepick-to-fakie back at Studio 334. Remember, Seth has no brakes.  credit: Mark Losey

Click here to see Seth’s 270-tailtap…

2. Seth Kimbrough and Corey Martinez both returned for another Road Fools trip, and they did not disappoint. Wait until you see the photos and the video… Wallride-to-barspin-180 out, barspin-to-foot-jam nosepick. Them Alabama kids do not stop.

Corey Martinez, sub box hurricane at Studio 334.  credit: Mark Losey

Click here to see Corey’s hurricane…

3. Sergio Layos was a last minute addition to the crew, and he killed everything. Every time I’ve seen Sergio over the past year I’ve spoken to him some stupid English/Spanish mix assuming he didn’t understand English very well—not true. He speaks English just fine. I think he just liked watching me make a fool out of myself.

Sergio Layos, lookdown transfer in the bowl in Dublin, Ohio.  credit: Mark Losey

Click here to see Sergio’s lookdown…

4. Brian Kachinsky was the sleeper of the trip. For some reason I thought he was only looking for skatepark action, but the guy wrecked shop on street every night. Nose-wheelies down ledges, rail runs, etc.

5. Shawn Arata showed us two ridiculous rails in Pittsburgh, and I completely thought he was joking around. About 20 minutes later he had pulled them both.

Shawn Arata, barspin-180 over the wall in Dublin, Ohio.  credit: Mark Losey

Click here to see Shawn’s barspin 180…

6. This trip marked the first time Ryan Nyquist made it on a full Road Fools trip. He owned the skateparks we hit, and he developed some kind of new sleeping habits on street. While a group would be setting up to get a shot, Ryan would shade off to a bench somewhere to catch a little shut eye. We tried to sneak away from him a couple times, but he always woke up justt in time to catch us.

Ryan Nyquist, suicide no-hander 360 at B Cubed in Pittsburgh.  credit: Mark Losey

7. Riders split into groups while riding street, and I try to pick a different group every day so I can get photos of everyone. One day after shooting a ton of good stuff in Columbus we happened to run into Stew Johnson and his group at a perfect 180-degree curved wallride. This wall was perfect for inverts and tables out, but Kevin Porter dropped the hammer—curved wall-to-tailwhip.

Kevin Porter, ledge manual in Pittsburgh.  credit: Mark Losey

Click here to see Kevin’s manual…

8. On the Animal trip in Ride a few months ago there was a photo of Butcher jumping a gap over some newspaper machines that was incredible. Well, when we pulled up to the same spot on this trip, Steve Hamilton looked at the gap and simply said, “I want to 180 that.” He did.

9. Two English riders were invited for this trip: Scott Malyon and Stuart King. Scott redefines what can be done on mini ramps and blew everyone away. Stuart actually used to be a regular in Ride six or seven years ago when he made regular trips to the States, but his racecar driving career has been keeping him busy. He’s still riding hard, though, and he has not forgotten how to kill plywood and cement surfaces.

10. Gary Young seems to show up on every trip I’m on these days, and it’s never a disappointment. Gary actually scares some of the older Pros by the amount of time he spends riding his bike, and it’s so obvious that he doesn’t even care if people are filming. Gary simply rules.

Gary Young fakie double peg with a flat rear tire. Pittsburgh.  credit: Mark Losey

A lot more fun stuff happened on the trip, but you’ll have to wait for the video to see it all. Girls slapping Nyquist repeatedly, girls kissing other girls, party footage—it will be worth it. Thanks, Marco and Chris for another incredible trip. For more information on Road Fools, go to or