Taj Mihelich’s Rocsoe Bike Check

Name: Taj Mihelich
Age: 35
Location: Austin, TX
Sponsors: Giant, Etnies, Odyssey, Bicycle Union, Fender

Frame: Giant Method Team
Fork: Odyssey Director with built in integrated headset race.
Bars: Odyssey Lumberjack
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Grips: Odyssey
Barends: G-Sport
Headset: FSA Stainless
Clamp: Fly
Seatpost: Odyssey Intac
Seat: Odyssey Mike Aitken
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt
Sprocket: T-1
Chain: Shadow
Brakes: Odyssey Evo2
Cable: Odyssey Linear with a Flexie instead of the lever’s barrel adjuster
Brake Lever: Odyssey Medium
Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken, 2.25″
Front Wheel: G-sport rim and hub
Rear Tire: Odyssey Path, 2.0″
Rear Wheel: G-sport rim and Odyssey cassette hub
Pegs: Odyssey Plegs
Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix

First of, before we get to the bike...how did your dog Roscoe get to be so famous in the BMX world?
I don't know...
I try to take him with me everywhere I can so he's like out there you know? Plus, he really is kind of a ham when cameras come out. I don't know how he knows, but it seems like he turns up the charm when the flashes start. Plus, he had a signature shoe through Etnies and that has helped his career for sure.

What inspired you to make a costume for your bike this Halloween instead of wearing one yourself?
I never take him with me when I fly and I was wishing I could. So, why not make a way to pretend he's with me. And mostly, I thought it was funny.

Can you explain the process of turning your bike into a dog? From idea/concept to execution?
Drunk drawing on a napkin was the blueprints… Making it was surprisingly easy. I just cut up a bike box into the basic shapes I had drawn, wrapped them in fake fur and then glued the edges around the cardboard. The fur I had was black so I dusted it with spray paint to make it look more like Roscoe's fur. I had practice at that from when we made the fake dog for the Roscoe video section in the Etnies Forward video. The head came from a stuffed animal I regrettably had to decapitate.

How was it riding the dog-bike?
It was funny. I would always start laughing when I would look down at it. The head kind of blocked the view of the front wheel and that made it hard to know where you were landing, but it was actually ok.

What was the most difficult part when making the bike costume?
Just getting the clearance with the cranks and stuff to work out. I was surprised it worked so well to be honest. I imagined having to support everything with duct tape or something, but other then one broken leg (that broke during the flight) it all stayed together fine.

What did Roscoe think of the bike after you transformed it to look like him?
He was a little pissed 'cause he knew the bike was getting to travel with me and not him, but overall I think he took it as a compliment.

Check out Taj’s Roscoe part from the Etnies Forward video…

And here’s a quick clip of Taj riding the Roscoe bike at Ray’s MTB park last week. (Helmet cam by Sandy Carson.)