99 Euro Tour, $25
By Standard Byke Company
Rating: 3

Street, ramps, flatland

Standard skipped the big Interbike Tradeshow last year, and instead took seven of its team riders on a European road trip to film for this video. Rick Moliterno, Paul Osicka, Jim Rienstra, Bobby Fisher, Mark Gonzalez, James Hitchcox, and Brandon Pundai all went on the trip, and it looked like a lot more fun than the tradeshow was.
This video is a lot like a road trip you see in Ride, where a group of riders hit spots and try to show a little of the flavor of each location. There’s not a lot of flatland in this video, but Bobby and Paul do lay down a few serious tricks. The best parts of the video to me were the street and skatepark sessions. Sometimes the same spots get sessioned for a long time, and it shows you just how much you can do at one spot if you open your mind to the possibilities. The copy of “99 Euro Tour” I got had a few sound glitches, and the camera work gets a little shaky at times, but the riding definitely delivers. The feeble Moliterno does at the end of the video is proof positive of that.¿Losey